1. comanche9

    Rifle Scopes top of EREK ?

    what are the numbers and lines on top of the EREK knob? im guess it lets you know how many clicks you have used / left since it goes from 0-90. Also how do you slip it so its on zero as well as the knob itself, right now with my knob on zero the plate is setting on 75.
  2. T

    Rifle Scopes Pix of custom Erek MOA knobs

    Looking for some pix of custom EREK US Optics MOA Knob
  3. N

    Rifle Scopes USO EREK Turret?

    Im new and learning here. So what is the specialty of the EREK turret? -Nate
  4. Jimmy2Times

    Rifle Scopes OK, let's talk about EREK knobs.

    Ok, I have read the FAQ on USO's site and am familiar with the EREK knob, what it does and how it works. I have an ST-10 on order and opted to go with a standard elevation knob and not the EREK since I have a 20 MOA base on my rifle. I know most folks here go for the EREK and I was curious as to...
  5. dar1246

    Rifle Scopes US Optic Erek zero stop

    How do you adjust the zero stop on the Erek knobs? I have zeroed the rifle and cannot figure this out. Anybody help. Thanks
  6. Killswitch Engage

    Rifle Scopes EREK HELP????

    I have an st-10 with erek 1/2 moa. i had it zeroed at 100yd per what i thought were the instructions. maybe i am dumb but i think i ran out of erector travel or something. it is on a 700p with 20moa badger base and mark 4 rings. my zero and dope track and matched up great until i shot at 1200yds...
  7. mattmcg

    Rifle Scopes Need opinions..... 1/4 MOA or 1/2 MOA EREK?

    I just put in for a new USO 3.8-22x scope and am putting this on a rig that will shoot out to 1K yards. I'm trying to decide which EREK to include with the build and am looking for opinions. I'll be going MOA as I'm not a mil type. This rifle is meant for shooting out to 1000 yards. It's a...
  8. 45.308

    Rifle Scopes Will I be un-happy without EREK 1/10 MIL

    Trying to decide if I really need this option on ST10, budget is very tight, dropped the GAP ret for mildot too, its way too busy.