1. GBMaryland

    Sako TRG22 Pre-2013 Poor Extraction/Ejection

    Ok, To put it simply: I have a pre- 2013 TRG-22 that I had PVA put a Bartlein Heavy Palma on that is a tack driver. No exaggeration, the rifle can put bullets in the same hole as long as the operator does his job. The issue: The rifle has poor extraction / ejection when running the bolt...
  2. S

    Mosin-Nagant Extracting Issues

    I just bought a 1940 Finnish M91 and it's having some issues when it comes to extracting the spent casings. If I throw 5 bullets in and just rack through them they all eject, but when I shoot them it's hit or miss whether casings get extracted. I will pull the bolt all the way back and the...
  3. Murderface

    Hard to close bolt shreds rim of brass

    Upon closing my bolt on 300 Win Mag brass, it takes considerable force to see the handle down. But after such, the bolt moves freely (easy to lift and extract). Upon opening and closing the test brass (30 times) it eventually became easier to load a piece of brass. The end result was that the...
  4. JaysonF

    A few things I learned while working on my Savage bolt

    I have been doing a lot of dry fire on my rifle and I noticed that the extractor wasn't working well on the "A-zoom" .308 Win snap caps. I haven't had a chance to take it to the range yet so testing it with live ammo hasn't been an option. I did some research and found that a lot of people...
  5. A

    Gunsmithing M-16/Sako extractor extra counterbore in a 700?

    Hello i was wondering if instaling a M-16/Sako style in a remington with a magnum bolt face required a counter bore greater than .705 . Thanks.
  6. dontstrokeme

    Gunsmithing Need a quick smith for M700 Mag Extractor

    I want to be able to shoot on the 13th of June and my local gunsmith is telling me it will take at least a week to get the shit to replace my extractor. It is a Mag face and is not riveted but I gather that all can be installed is the riveted type....brownells and midway both have them but I am...
  7. J

    Gunsmithing Removing a live round from chamber when extractor

    Got a live round stuck in my 40-x chamber and the rim is partially torn off. Any ideas on getting it out. The brass rod method forced the bullet into the case. Any help out there?????
  8. M

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 LTR extractor problem

    Hey everyone, I have a remington 700 LTR and I am having problems closing the bolt when I chamber a new round. The back end of the bullet is torn up from the extractor, so I assume it is a problem with the bolt/extractor. Has anyone had this problem before and how did you fix it? Thank you...
  9. E

    Gunsmithing whitworth mauser extractor cut?

    Is there supposed to be one? I have been doing a few old mausers for buddies and each had an extractor cut and a "nose" that went through the shoulder right in front of the lugs. I finally got the barrel off of a whitworth mauser I am going to rebarrel and lo and behold the rear of the...
  10. Black-X

    What the heck?! Extractor is eating up brass Help!

    Had this in the gunsmithing section but thought I might be better served here. I think my extractor is scraping the crap out of the case rim on my .308 Remington 700p. I have a bunch of little flakes/slivers of brass getting into the action of my rifle and I want to put an end to it. I can...
  11. K

    Extractor gone

    I rebarreled my 10 22 to 17 cal. a couple of years ago. I have shot a few hundred rds thru it, but today, I chambered a round, pulled the trigger and POW! I guess it fired out of battery. Gave me a good face full of powder, and blew out the extractor. Never had that before. The extractor...