1. Edub33

    Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM

    Hey folks - have a buddy selling a Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM with Talley rings for $1500. It’s been fired 5-6 times but otherwise sits in his safe unused. Don’t need a new rifle, but I like the idea of buying from a friend without a paper trail. Does anyone have any input on this rifle? Not a lot...
  2. T

    Fieldcraft Field Forecasting Hosted by Triple Aught Design / San Francisco / July 2014

    Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey, owner and operator of Mountain Weather in Jackson Hole is coming to San Francisco to teach a Field Forecasting course. This is a great opportunity to learn some unique survival forecasting skills from an expert meteorologist that can help you make split second...
  3. Ghillie Zen

    RANGER GREEN - anyone here field ranger green?

    Been seeing a surge in popularity with RANGER GREEN gear lately and have been giving thought to picking up a field set from Crye for testing. The tone seems like a good balance for those needing a color that can transition well between day and night ops. Any thoughts or impressions would be...
  4. 96C

    Fieldcraft Covering your muzzle in the field

    Gents, Do you cover your muzzle while in the field? If so... What is your preferred method? - ear plug tucked into the pipe - electrical tape covering the whole crown - camera film case taped over - etc? I generally will use a single piece of electrical tape just to keep crud out. Thanks...
  5. T

    Advanced Marksmanship Rapid fire field target shooting in Norway

    Col. Stang invented this event, now called just Stangshooting, as the Krag Jørgensen rifle became the official Norwegian army rifle at the end of the 1890'ies. The rules are simple: Put as many rounds as you can in a target in 25 seconds. Typical target and range varies but usually it is a head...
  6. stillbuster

    Rifle Scopes Need Help findingWide field of view Spotting scope

    I have been tasked with researching spotting scopes for my agency. What I have been asked to find is a spotting scope with high power magnification with as wide field of view as possible in the under $500 range. We are looking at buying 3-4. As always we need to get the best bang for our buck...
  7. Hawk Gunner

    Anyone use Winchest Super Field?

    I picked up some for a good price at the gun show today. Anyone use it for 9mm or .40? Just looking to see if anyone has had good or bad experience with it before i start loading. Thanks
  8. Foul Mike

    Old rimfire rounds found in my field

    I am not sure as to where I should post this. You guys in rimfire seem to me to be the more dedicated followers of helping people like me so I will put my post here. I do archaeological research in my local area and have in the past been more interested in lithic, {made from rocks or stone}...
  9. N

    Rifle Scopes Field scope level

    Needing some input on a scope level for the range/field. I have used a couple on other peoples rifles (can't remember the brand) however, am considering the Sinclair scope level Any other suggestions or feedback on the aforementioned item?
  10. P

    Gunsmithing Has anyone field tested a Rem VTR in .308 Win.?

    Has anyone done any field testing of the Remington VTR in .308 Winchester? What kind of out of the box accuracy can I expect?
  11. C

    Rifle Scopes Field Scope vs Swaro vs Zeiss vs Leica

    As the title says I am looking to see if the Nikon is comparable or close to the other 3. I tried the search function and I cannot find anything as to the likes. Not saying it isn't there, I just couldn't find it. I'm looking for real feed back not SWAGS. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  12. The King

    Fieldcraft Another Field Exercise - Patient Zero

    Thank you to RollingThunder51 for the impetus to do this. <span style="text-decoration: underline"><span style="font-weight: bold">Scenario</span></span> Markus Aurelius has stolen a deadly viral agent from a research facility in France. This agent was discovered by analyzing the diseases...
  13. Darkphage

    Federal Primer Observ. and Comps. a Field Study

    Hi, Some observations I made this week. With my TRG 42 .338 I normally load Federal GM215M primers, their match variety. They have come into extremely short supply as of late, after trying to find them for over a month, I finally e-mailed Federal. The rep. from Federal told me NOT to...
  14. Lindy

    Advanced Marksmanship Field Firing Solutions Ballistic Software

    I've been using Blaine Fields' PDA program, Field Firing Solutions, for several months. If you're not familiar with the program, check out the manual for the program, which is here: My wife and I were up in Colorado for much...