1. AKMarty

    Painting a Tikka Tac A1 Chassis

    I have the Tikka Tac A1 6.5cm and am wondering about how it would do taking paint. Anyone have experience painting the Tikka Chassis? -surface prep -paint type -cure time -durability Obvious alternative to paint would be a cerakote finish. Thanks for the ideas
  2. C

    DIY cerakote alternative (moly resin)

    First of all I am not being paid or compensated at all for talking about this Moly-Resin, just a great product I wish I had found out about sooner. I've been looking at cerakoting some guns for a while now but couldn't get over the price. For a nice 3 color pattern camo I would spend nearly as...
  3. 8

    Suppressors SS 1911 what finish to put on

    I just traded for a Colt SS 1911, the brushed finish is so fragile that it scratches so easily. Question for you pistoleros out there what finish should I put on this piece? It will be my outdoors handgun either in the pack or chest/shoulder holster. I am looking for durability, weather...
  4. NY700

    Savage 10 BAS or Finish a R700 project

    I recently got to handle the new Savage 10 BAS with the aluminum modular Chassis. Has anyone on the hide had any range time with the new savage? I here their out of the box accuracy is hard to beet and some where right around .5 MOA w/ match ammo. I am currently working on a Rem 700 in a B&C...
  5. M

    Advice/Expertise on how to finish my build?

    Here's what I have: McMillan M4 stock: Remington 700 BDL footprint. sniper fill. Stiller Tac 30 action. .308 bolt face, Rem 700 footprint. Brux 22" barrel. MTU 1-11 twist SS .308. So now that I have some of the major components, I need to finish it off. I'm a noob to...
  6. mark5pt56

    Nu finish and dryer sheets

    I haven't tumbled brass in a while and since the last time I saw a tip. I took a dryer sheet and tore it into 3-4 pieces and drizzled some Nu Finish car polish onto the brass--wow! The dust is cut down to almost nothing and the brass really shines-better than new. Anyhow, just passing it...
  7. G

    Gunsmithing Cerakote Finish for a Bolt Action - Spray Inside?

    I will be using Cerakote on a bolt action (Sako M995) and would like to know if the inside of the action is typically sprayed or masked off.
  8. onestar

    Gunsmithing Tubbs final finish question?

    Guys I have a new Savage 22-250 that I need to shoot to break in. My question is should I just shoot regular ammo and then clean after every shot or would it be better to shoot the Tubbs treated projectiles and then clean? I have a box of the Tubbs bullets with like 5 or 6 different grit...
  9. TexanAviator

    Gunsmithing Tubbs Final Finish (recent users?)

    Disclaimer: Yes I have read a bunch about them on here before asking. But was wondering if anybdody had any more recent experience with the kit. Debating breaking in my new LTR with it since I got of the preloaded ones (20)
  10. R

    Gunsmithing finish chambering

    Has anyone used the pull through style finish reamers on a short chambered barrel? I'd been looking at having a rifle of mine rebarreled and started thinking about doing it myself today. I have machine shop/CAD experience, but don't have the opportunity to use a lathe for this particular...
  11. G

    Dissapointed with the finish protection on 700 SPS

    Well, I decided to go chase me some coyotes yesterday morning at dawn. Turned out to get pretty crappy out about 30 minutes after sunrise, and it started raining/sleeting. I was out for about another 2 hours and then headed back to the truck. I cased up the gun in my hard case and left. Now I...
  12. dreamdrummr

    Gunsmithing Advice on finish please

    Hello everyone.... I read countless posts concerning different gun finishes and unless I missed it, I couldnt find an answer to my question... Anyways my question is: Has anyone had any experience using Aluma-hyde from Brownells? I've painted several guns before using krylon and they held up...
  13. Rob01

    Gunsmithing Some nice finish work

    Seems like our own Septic Tank has a new site and is offering finishing work. Looks good
  14. S

    bead blast finish ????

    Can a bead blasted finish be polished? I am having a muzzle brake installed and it will be bead blasted. I might find that i really like the finish as is but I was kinda thinking about having it polished to match the finish on the barrel. Or i might have it coated/painted. If i go with a...