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  1. S

    1X fixed scope [or micro iron sights], pure mechanical, rugged, made in the USA, picatinny ?????

    Is there a quality 1X fixed scope which is: 1) pure mechanical [no electronics, no battery] 2) rugged [to the point that it could pass a USMC drop test] 3) comes with all the attachment hardware for a very short picatinny rail 4) made in the USA. I guess I could yank the battery from an...
  2. A

    Optics WTB Nightforce 1x24 G7 NXS Fixed power scope

    I am looking for this scope for my muzzleloader. I have a tag in South Dakota and they require iron sights or no magnification scopes. If you have one for sale or know where I can find one, please let me know. Thank you.
  3. HairyDemon

    Rifle Scopes Fixed Parrallax Scopes...how far?

    I have always been interested in the MK4 2.5-8x36 scope and I am building a 308AR and I can get one for a really good deal from Leupold Mil/LE discount. I like their compact size, and look and I think they just really fit good one those type of guns. Now I shoot my 1-4x scopes on my .223 AR's...
  4. Helmet

    Rifle Scopes Experience with IOR Valdada 16x42 fixed scope

    I am considering getting one of these soon. Anyone have any experience with this model? It's one of their least expensive scopes.
  5. BigBrother

    Rifle Scopes Are the fixed Leupolds better than the variables?

    Ok, besides the obvious that there are fewer parts to break... For a long time the fixed power Mark 4s were more expensive than the variables. I was about to post links but it looks like the variables are now more expensive. In any case, are the fixed somehow not the "upgraded hunting" scopes...
  6. R

    Rifle Scopes Want to find 8X fixed scope

    this Magnification is so difficult to find ,any suggest? price around $1000
  7. L

    Rifle Scopes max effective range for leupold 12X fixed scope?

    Just wondering what the max range would be with a 12X fixed zoom scope with adjustable objective would be? Hitting 2'x2' plates..... Thanks!
  8. glock24

    Gunsmithing FIXED! - Advice on fitting a Manners stock?

    I just received my barreled action today (TAC30 w/ medium Palma Bartlein) and dropped it into my Manners T3. For some reason, the barrel is hitting the stock along the entire left side. The channel is deep enough as there is clearance beneath the barrel. Only the left side is making contact...
  9. I

    sako trg-42 bipod cant adjustment-problem fixed

    i noticed i wasnt the only trg 42 owner who wanted to be able to adjust the resistance/tension in the cant of the sako bipod so it was not too loose when shooting prone [especially if the ground is not level with the target so you need to tilt the cant]. so i thought i'd post this info. a buddy...
  10. earthtrekker1775

    Rifle Scopes Best 10x fixed magnification scopes? Opinions?

    I am strongly considering a fixed magnification scope for a custom bolt gun build. I know USO and Leupold make one but I would like to get your opinions. I am not familiar with the other makers out there. This scope must be simple and dead-tough. Will be a .308 rifle with capability for 1Km...
  11. ker2222

    Rifle Scopes does this exist? Fixed 6x w/mil-dot&bdc turrets

    Looked high and low for one of hte old school leupold fixed 6x's with mil-dots and m3 turrets......can't find one Is there any other optic out there that duplicates it??
  12. P

    Rifle Scopes Opinions on Fixed Powered Falcons

    Any experiences with the Falcon 7.5x50 or 10x42? The 10x42 do not seem to be in stock anywhere. The 7.5 x50 may be in at Optics Warehouse in the UK.Thanks to all.
  13. D

    Rifle Scopes Updated - NXS distortion - Fixed!!!!

    I just got my new NXS 3.5-15X50 and it seems to have serious distortion on the higher power settings, enough to cause serious eye strain. The image appears cloudy and out of focus. WTF!?!?!?! Just dropped $1400+ on glass and get this crap! This is my first NF and I hope I just have a bad apple...
  14. tireys

    *My first issue with a new Rem 700** is fixed*

    I just bought a new Rem 700 Compact Tactical. I wanted to see how the bolt cycled so I loaded a few rounds into the well. I first noticed that the 2nd one in would not stay down so I had to hold it down with 1 finger and start the 3rd one in and it holds the others down. I have to hold the 3 in...
  15. H

    Anschutz 64 ejection problem fixed

    Ejection on my rifle (Anschutz 64 MPR)was very poor, 1/3 of the cases exit properly on the right, 1/3 out the left side, and 1/3 just lay on top of the next shell, regardless of how fast or slow you work the bolt. This seems to be a common problem on this model, and is totally inexcusable on a...
  16. gimmefuel

    Rifle Scopes Fixed power question :n00b content:

    OK fully prepared to be flamed/hazed for this.... Rifle: Rem 700sps tactical in a .308, Base:0moa TPS steel I already bought a 3-10 power as I plan on using this for deer, but the other 49-49 weeks a year I want to use it for a weekend target rifle. Local ranges are 100yd to 250yd. My...
  17. G

    Rifle Scopes Fixed power scopes

    The con's are fairly obvious. What are the Pro's (other than cost) of fixed power scopes?
  18. D

    Rifle Scopes Who makes a good fixed 10x?

    I want a good 10x scope, something rugged, small, real good glass, and won't break the bank. I'd like to keep it below $800 if I can. What do you think?
  19. kraigWY

    Rifle Scopes Fixed 10X mildot

    I'm a highpower shooter and not much of a scope guy so bear with me. Does Weaver or Lepold make a Mil Dot 10 X fixed scope? I like Lepold hunting scopes (fixed) and really like my Weaver T-10. I carried a Redfield fixed 6X on a Rem 223 in LE and that was fine for city use but I would like a...