1. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Forster 308 die set

    Selling Forster .308 ultra seater micrometer die set with fl sizing die. Asking $70 sold!!!
  2. Turbwhistle

    Accessories Proof carbon 20” 308 for defiance ruckus

    Selling my proof research 20” carbon 308 for a defiance ruckus, 1:10 twist, has 200 rounds down it, shot 1/2” groups with factory ammo Barrel $600 shipped
  3. Safety_3rd

    SOLD Terminus Zues QC, 6BRA Proof, Forster Dies, 200 Rounds FF Lapua, Forster comp dies, Berger hybrid 105s

    I have got a used Zues quick change action with the standard bolt (no clue on round count, I use it, love it, keep it greased) $1250 Proof 26" heavy barrel 7.5 twist threaded $500 200 rounds once fired Lapua brass 50 rounds are loaded, another 50 have SRM primers in it $175 200-300 Berger hybrid...
  4. Curahee19

    SOLD Wts forster coax and Rcbs rockchucker

    Wts my Forster coax and rcbs rock chucker I don’t use these anymore since getting the zero press Coax 250 SOLD Rockchucker 150 shipped They both come with covers
  5. NodakBarbarian

    Primer pocket prep and stainless media

    I was wondering what y’all do for primer pocket preparation of your fired brass after it is wet tumbled with stainless media? I just purchased a set up to wet tumble. So going forward do I need to do anything with the primer pockets of my Lapua brass now that it’s squeaky clean? Are there any...
  6. Curahee19

    Reloading Equipment Reloading room cleanup

    Hey guys got a bunch of stuff to sell some have not been used at all some have been used just a little FORSTER FULL LENGTH SIZING DIE 6 dasher 6xc 260 rem 308 338 lapua mag FORSTER MICROMETER BULLET SEATER 260 rem 6.5 creedmoor 308 338 lap Pair it with any full length sizer and I’ll give a...
  7. N

    Found - delete thread

    Let me know what you got! thanks!
  8. C

    Forster Co-Ax vs. Hornady LnL?

    Guys, I want to get a single stage press (which will be my first press). For background: I'm not the type to get in cheap and then upgrade later. When it comes to tools, I'm generally never happy with "good enough". I like to start with high quality tools from the get go. So what I'm saying is...
  9. birddog28

    Forster Full Length Competition Sizer die question

    I am using this for my 6.5X47. I have developed a load based on the virgin Lapua brass. When I run the once fired brass through the die, the neck is quite a bit more narrow that the virgin brass. I'll have to put my micrometer on it to measure the differnce. I'm not getting any pressure...
  10. mattmcg

    Any issues reloading 338 Lapua on a Forster Co-Ax?

    Thinking about adding a 338 Lapua rifle to the mix and am wondering if there are any issues with reloading 338 Lapua on a Forster Co-Ax press. I'd probably go with the Redding Type S full length resizer die and the competition bullet seating die and was wondering if I'd have any issues with it...
  11. M

    Forster Co Ax question

    Will the Co-Ax accept a standard shell holder in some fashion? I use the RCBS swager which would require a standard shell holder attachment of some sort. Thanks!
  12. Crash01

    Forster COAX back in stock at Midway

    Just a heads up fellas, for you guys who were looking to pick one up. I ordered mine Friday. Midway LINK
  13. Jrb572

    Forster CO-AX Case and Cartridge Inspector

    Has anybody used one and do you like it? I am debating buying one. I was looking at the sinclair Concentricity tool and neck sorting tool. But the Forster one does both and is a lot cheaper. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  14. W

    Redding Dies in a Forster Co-ax???

    Can anyone tell me if Redding comp dies (300 WM), the 3 die set will work or have issues if used in a Forster co-ax press? Anyone with experience with the above set up please reply!! Thanks in advance for reply. Was thinking of picking up a set of the dies from a hide member here but b4 i...
  15. S

    Forster Co-ax availability

    I love Black Hills but I can't afford to shoot factory ammo anymore. I'm getting back into reloading and I'm trying to locate a Forster Co-ax press. With this "Obama-inspired-buying-everything-gun-related-craze" everyone seems to be sold out. Anyone have a line on one?
  16. Slickrick0999

    forster comp seater die question?

    My forster seating die is leaving a ring around my 178 Amax bullets. Why is it doing this and how do I correct? I dont remember seeing this with the 175 SMK's. I have already taken it apart to clean. Nothing to bad on that. I load some more and the ring is still there. Thanks, Rick