1. ranger1183

    Rifle Scopes Windage adjustable AR front sight

    Is there such a thing as a Windage adjustable AR style <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">FRONT</span></span> sight? I'm looking for something that can be attached to a Picatinny rail and folding if possible. Yeah, I also laughed when I first tried to find one...
  2. P

    Gunsmithing Front ADL TG Screw?

    What purpose does the front ADL trigger guard screw serve (i.e., the BDL only has 2 action screws)? Is it's purpose only to hold the mag box in place and to more firmly secure the trigger guard? Is there any inherent loss in accuracy if the front screw is not used? The reason that I ask is...
  3. F

    Training around Las Vegas? Front Sight?

    I will be out in Vegas in March and was wondering if there was any good play places to take classes on tactical carbine or precision rifle. I have looked at Front Sight, but am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!! If front sight is all there is, does anyone...
  4. J

    Question regarding AR15 front sight compatability

    This is what my AR looks like now minus optics: Would this front sight/carry handle combo work? It seems like the carry handle could fit on the Picatinny, but how would the front sight be attached...
  5. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Glock Front Sight Screw

    Is the head on the screw that holds in an aftermarket front sight on a Glock 3mm or 3/16"? Thanks.
  6. T

    NEW TOPIC: Increased Air Pressure on the Front ..

    Long range guys, new discussion subject. Roughly stated, winds that run from your 6 o'clock to the 12 o'clock downrange. The terrain PAST maximum ordinate rises sharply with 45 degrees either side of the gun target line. Phone below is a good example. EVENT: Rounds string up and down the...
  7. M

    howa front ring diamiter

    any body what this would be? im told its the same as a vanguard but again i don't know the dia. is on that either. looks close to a rem. but not sure. thanks
  8. W

    ACOG mounting question with front sight

    I have a new LMT flattop 16" bbl with LMT OEM rear aperture sight-it has the "A" front sight/gas block configuration. I want to put an ACOG in place of the rear sight using LaRue QD mount & Trijicon 4x32 ACOG. Will I be able to see "over" the front sight, or will I need to switch to a lower/no...
  9. C

    Front S. trouble

    found this today, sorry if a repost. cheers c
  10. BigBrother

    Advanced Marksmanship Question on front sight focus..

    So, I have studied and applied the fundamentals of marksmanship for about two seasons worth of shooting competition and can very much attest to their value. There's just something I can't shake about front sight focus.. I have seen first hand how vital it is to focus on the front sight at the...
  11. lowlight

    Sniper’s Hide Cup Sniper's Hide Cup Preview on the front Page

    The new home page is active and I have posted a few words and images from the Sniper's Hide Cup Train Up. We had 21 shooters in total including one from as far as Australia and another from South America. See for the latest updates. It's looking to be a great weekend.
  12. L

    Rifle Scopes S&B front eye piece

    What do you all use te keep the front eye piece of your S&B scopes from moving?
  13. C

    Front Sight.Com Legit?

    Is Front Sight .Com , Firearms Training Institute legit? They are claiming they will give you a $ 600.00 pistol if you will join. Hard to beleive so perhaps someone can help me out!
  14. J

    Gunsmithing Need Longer front action screw for R700

    I'm changing the stock on my Remington 700 to a H&S stock. With the new stock the front action screw will only screw several threads in to the action. I don't want to pull the threads so where can I get a slightly longer front action screw? I could also counter sink the base plate a little? Any...
  15. dead_on

    Gunsmithing knocked the front sight off my p-22

    I'm pretty sure that while shooting my p-22 through a chainlink fence that I caught my front sight on the fence during the actioning process knocking it off... does anyone know where i can get a stock sight, all i can google up are the hi-viz red and green sights... tia
  16. S

    Rifle Scopes Is Front Focal worth the cost difference???

    This is similar to another topic that is active right now but I didn't want to step on it. Is the cost difference worth it? Example: I just happen to be looking at picking up a Leupold Mk4 6.5-20x50 M1. This scope is going for $1250.00. The front focal version of this scope is going for...