1. mackdrvr

    Garand gas cylinder question.

    Can you guys get your op rods out with out removing the gas cylinder? All the books out there say remove the gas cylinder, and then remove the rod. Talk has it that removing the gas cylinder to much will loosen up the barrel splines over time losing accuracy. By the way I cant get my op rod...
  2. H

    hornady's garand ammo....

    has anyone tried to duplicate this yet? we found ourselves doing some dialing this weekend at the garand matches at perry. had it right in the x-ring all week practicing at home w/ the greek stuff but found the hornady to not quite mimick the greek stuff on our rifle. it was very consistant, i...
  3. OhioAstromech

    Maggie’s Noob and his Garand

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  4. M

    Garand stock

    I picked up a Garand stock at a yard sale and the lady couldn't tell me anything about it other than it belonged to her x. I need help identifying it. I don't know if it's GI or after market. The unique thing about it is that it has several factory routed places that might be points of contact...
  5. rweldon

    M1 Garand 30.06 reload recipe

    I have come across a lot of Federal and Hornady 30.06 brass. I want to reload all of it for my Garand. I know the powder charge has to be just right or I can start expecting damage to the gas system and associated parts. What is the best recipe for Powder Brand and type, Powder Charge amount...
  6. Highground

    Gunsmithing Garand Handguard Removal

    Is there a trick to removing my Garand handguard?
  7. rweldon

    Stenciling on M1 Garand and Carbine stocks

    Since aqcuiring my first M1 Garand, I am already looking to buy a M1 Carbine. I have been doing a fair bit of research on these rifles and one thing that I see from time to time puzzles me, Why do some of these rifles have stencil marks on the buttstocks? It's usually numerical in yellow or...
  8. rweldon

    Rifle Scopes Anybody ever install NM sights on a M1 Garand?

    Just picked up my Springfield Armory M1 GArand from the north store by Camp Perry. While browsing through Fulton Armory's website, I see they have national match sights available. The front blade looks easy to change, but the rear sight looks like it might need some slight massaging to fit...
  9. rweldon

    Info on M1C or D Garand Sniper Rifle

    Where can I find info on a M1C or D Garand Sniper rifle if I was looking to clone one?
  10. G

    M1 Garand and AP bullets

    I have come upon a good supply of pulled .30 AP bullets from LC 53 ammo. I am wondering if anybody has any load data on these bullets loaded into new commercial brass. I understand that the stuff was suppose to be loaded with WC 852 powder I believe and the M1 Ball used IMR 4895 I'd like to get...
  11. Highground

    Finally Got A Garand

    For years I have been kicking around the idea of buying a Garand, but kept putting it off. A relative passed away recently who had an extensive gun collection(quite a story in itself...more on that on a later date) I was given an oppourtunity to pick two of the guns for next to nothing. Out of...
  12. M

    Photos Garand

  13. H

    The Garand, heavy bullets, and slow powders: Quest

    I am building up a Garand, 30-06, to shoot the 208 A-max and slow powders. Krieger is doing the barrel and I will be using a McCann gas system. My question is this: Does anyone know how big the gas port is for the 30-06 based rifles? We are going to install the next to lowest orifice size for...