1. W

    Best Canadian Gunsmiths?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to build my first custom PRS rifle and open to advice. the first and biggest thing on my list is finding a gunsmith to put it all together. I have no experience with any gunsmiths in Canada and looking for some advice. Does anyone have any experience with any gunsmiths...
  2. S

    *** Reduced*** 1200.00 Trued Bergara Premier 24in Med. Palma 1:8 twist Barreled Action 6.5 Creedmoor

    Bergara Premier 24 inch 1:8 twist Barreled Action 6.5 Creedmoor. Threaded 5/8-24 Muzzle with 11-degree crown Strait from Bergara Premier. Has a medium Palma contour measuring .750 right behind the threads. Teardrop bolt handle. Readily accepts Remington 700 drop-in triggers and fits in 700 SA...
  3. M

    Gunsmithing Georgia Gunsmiths

    Gents, Hoping you can help me out. I just relocated to Georgia (Atlanta Area) from Texas and I am in need of a gunsmith that does world class work on Remington 700 variant tactical rifles. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  4. M

    Gunsmithing Olympia, WA gunsmiths?

    Hey boys, need some work done locally (checkering on a 1911) in my area and am curious if anyone out there might know someone in the lower Puget Sound area? Thanks, Malcolm
  5. D

    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths in NC, SC or eastern TN???

    Anybody know of any good gunsmiths in NC, SC or eastern TN?? I need some blueing done, a barrel headspaced and installed, some fitting on the stock and a trigger job. My normal smith moved and closed his shop.
  6. wjwill

    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths, Explain Barrel Contours please.

    I have alway wondered about the different contours of barrels and thier general uses. Can some gunsmith's please chime and explain what is the benifits of having one contour over the other. I have a number 7 contour on the rifle I just had built, but not really sure what a number 7 contour means...
  7. awaken

    Gunsmithing For all you Gunsmiths

    I got a great deal on a Rem 700P chambered in 6.8 SPC. I have been reading about the 6.5x47 Lapua of late. Is it viable (possible) to convert my 6.8 to 6.5 x 47? I dont know a great deal about the smithing side of things so please give me your thoughts.. Dave
  8. clos9009

    Gunsmithing Colorado Gunsmiths

    Can anybody recommend a (good, great) gunsmith in the Denver or surrounding area. thanks
  9. T

    Gunsmithing a question for all the gunsmiths out there

    trying to paint my remmy 700 with the new X-mark pro trigger, not wanting to gum up and completely fucking ruin it i was wondering how to take it off? Also an even better question: would it be advisable for me to take it off at all?
  10. A

    Gunsmithing Gunsmiths near Temple or Arlington TX or OK City

    I live in Temple, TX, mom lives in Arlington, TX and wife's family in Oklahoma City. I need a good gunsmith who can glass bed my rifle for a good price with excellent results. I would try to learn myself but I have no time. Thanks!