1. C

    Plastic Hard Case Roundup for Shipping/Air Travel, manufacturers, opinions, experiences?

    With two of the familiars merged (Hardigg/Pelican) curious about what other offerings are out there and what experiences people have had. Any others? Any standout offerings for a specific size range or category? Also, locks? Saw where SKB offers TSA compliant locking latch upgrade, any other...
  2. Y

    308 rd hard to extract from chamber..bolt gun

    I reloaded GMM once fired brass with 44 Varget-sorted by weight. Some extracted fine. 2/3 were very hard to pull bolt to the rear.I had to drive oe hit the bolt HARD to the rear to get rd to extract. Case lengths , chamber length, OAL of rd all GTG with all loads. Is there a problem with the...
  3. lordt313

    whats does it mean when the bolt is hard to close?

    I was shooting yesterday, on my 10th cycle with this brass, and I noticed that I was really having to torque down the bolt handle to get the rifle to chamber, I OAL resize every time and by all measurements the brass is is actually trimmed to 2.006, what would case this difficulty in chambering...
  4. M

    Gunsmithing Hard Coat Anodizing

    I want to have one of my AR's hard coat anodized a dark earth color with the small parts anodized black. Is there any one on here or that you guys know of that will do this big of a job? I saw some stuff online but it looked like they were only doing small items like scope mounts and stuff...
  5. K

    Photos Hard time understanding my spotter....

    "Ren ah rock rhee ralroo"
  6. J

    Source for good hard cast plated 9mm & 45 bullets?

    Anyone have a recommendation and source for good plated hard cast bullets? 9mm (124 gr) and 45 (200 or 230 gr) for practice? Thanks James
  7. S

    Rifle Scopes I guess its hard to digress! (Falcon)

    I got a falcon in the mail today. Its the 4-14x44 FFP. I've heard nothing but rave reviews on this thing. What am I missing? The first thing I noticed is that my elevation turret is milled incorrectly before it even came out of the box. There is no feel in the "clicks" they're only audible and...
  8. E

    Hard to find recipe

    I'm new to reloading, but I have a good understanding what is involved and how to do it. I found a good deal on .308 bullets 147 grain FMJ. The issue that I'm having is that I can't find any specification's for making this round. I have the Speer #14, and the Lyman 49th. I have also checked many...
  9. lvmike

    AI AE is hard on brass from magazine...

    Thats twice fired brass (once single loading, once from a magazine) from an Accuracy International AE in .308. It looks as if the bolt is dragging across the top of the round under the round it is currently feeding from the magazine and causing a gouge in it. They are deep enough to hang a...
  10. Anchor Zero Six

    Gunsmithing Hard filler that will work on a magpul grip?

    Want to swap ou the grip on my KAC IWS. Problem is that since they have a sling stud in the receiver the rear take down pin and spring come through the bottom and not from the rear. The MAID grip is the only aftermarket grip that will work with the ambi safety but the take down pin spring fall...
  11. shawn_40312

    Rifle Scopes How hard is it for Leupold to fix a canted reticle

    Apparently pretty hard. Sent in a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm m3 due to canted reticle, received the scope after a month of waiting. The reticle is still canted. I knew i should of went with Nightforce.