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  1. C

    Gunsmithing How to pull shell after head separation?

    I had a head separation on my 300 Win Mag today. What would be the tool to pull the portion of the brass shell still stuck in my rifle? A link to the part would be appreciated. Would this be the tool to use (?): http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=791210 I've googled and...
  2. D

    help i need a custom head stamp

    ok what i am looking for is either 1 a custom manufacture of .50 bmg brass 2 a supply of correctly marked .460 steyr brass 3 some one who can fill in excisting head stamp and then re-engrave this is really quite important, i am putting together a .460 rifle that uses .458 dia heads, thing is...
  3. LoneWolfUSMC

    The Chronograph has me scratching my head.

    OK, so I got my new Shooting Chrony F1 and out to the range I went with some loads. The GOAL is to workup a load with the same trajectory as the 168gr FGMM. 400' elevation, 79.9*F, 29.92"Hg, and lightly raining. First up I ran 5 rounds of 168gr Federal Gold Metal Match. 2721 fps 2702 fps 2711...
  4. T

    head stamp questions

    I'm just getting into reloading for my .308, so I sorted a bunch of brass I've saved/collected. I've got a few different head stamps that I'd like a little info on: R - P (top of case) 308 WIN (bottom of case) F C 308 WIN BHA...
  5. mildot326

    Rifle Scopes Manfrotto Tripod & Grip head

    OK troops, I just took the "plunge" for the Manfrotto set up for my USO Spotter. Cameraland had some good rebates, just a FYI. Here's what I purchased: Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 MAG FIBER BLK, W/O HEAD Manfrotto 200USS UNIV.ANTI TWIST SPOT.SCOPE PLT Manfrotto 322RC2 HEAVY DUTY GRIP BALL HEAD I'm...
  6. flims

    Rifle Scopes tripod/ head

    i had some time to play with my newly acquired mk4 TMR spotter from leupold and its clear that i need a proper tripod something which is solid and doesnt move at the slightest wind. im thinking of the Benbo tripod which can even go very low such as in this photo...
  7. crumpmd

    Hunting & Fishing Feral cats and head shots

    Last year I started a shit storm by posting a picture of a dead cat. I killed that cat with an iron sight .22 Kimber CMP rifle offhand from 86 yards. I posted the hunting picture because I felt like it was a remarkable shot and a good clean kill on a predatory species. What happened was...
  8. jeffersonv

    Gunsmithing Pillar bedding and head spacing questions

    I have a couple of first time gunsmithing tasks looming and have most of the details worked out but am missing a couple details I need help with. Pillar bedding - Scimitars excellent article has given me the confidence to attack this and I understand the concept of taping the pillars to the...