1. T

    Hunting & Fishing Good time on Texas...Bobcat, yotes, and hogs...all in one night.

    Had a good time in Texas. One night one property and I was busy. Yotes, Bobcat, and hogs all in the highlight reel. Love my 6creed from Maryland to Texas it gets the job done! I am loving this Hornady 103gr ELDX, pulsar, and foxpro xwave.
  2. fp120

    Firearms Fightlite SCR 450bm

    For sale today is my 450 Bushmaster AR15. In addition, the Fightlite monicarlo lower will accept any AR15 upper. The gun has had 21 rounds fired through it. The fightlite SCR montecarlo is now discontinued but they still make parts for the pistol version which all parts are the same. This is a...
  3. Dvando20

    1980's USMC Scout Sniper gear list?

    I am trying to put together a load out kit of everything my father would have taken into the bush when he was a USMC scout sniper in the mid 80's. Looking for list of gear such as types of packs, what goes into them, brand names, models of gear, sidearm, how did they transport their spare 7.62...
  4. M

    Hunting & Fishing New Aerial hog hunting vid

    Pretty sweet footage and I get a rush thinking about seeing all those hogs to shoot at. Anyone experienced this 1st hand? http://huntervids.com/?videos=aerial-hog-hunting-drafthouse-2013
  5. P

    Hunting & Fishing Aussie Hog Hunting.

    Just returned from two weeks pig hunting in outback NSW (state) we visited several properties, starting in the hilly country which ranges from 1500ft ASL to 4070 ASL. We then travelled west into the flat country. All up we shot on 5 different properties in this time. Took my HS Precision Short...
  6. gunrunner

    Hunting & Fishing Killed a wild hog

    I bumped into this fellow and two of his little friends in a field this past Tuesday night and I introduced them to my AR15. I thought the meeting went rather well. The bullet was a Sierra 65 grain BTS gameking over 25.2 grains of W748. In case you're wondering about the bag of ice in his...
  7. S

    22 Ammo for ground hog control

    I've been using Remington YellowJackets for general pest control. It is the only hyper-velocity ammo that shoots reliably through my 10/22. While it cycles fine, it doesn't group well at all. I've got some Federal Spitfire that groups well, but jams every 2nd or 3rd shot. Now that I'm...
  8. jmb1911

    Hunting & Fishing Feral Hog Hunting in South Texas Question

    Hello all. I've searched all over the place for an answer to my very specific question and the best I can come up with still leaves some gray area. I was hoping someone could answer my question or point me toward someone/somewhere that can. Let me quickly summarize my situation. I recently...
  9. S

    Hunting & Fishing Looking for a hog hunt

    For Luke, my 9 y/o, and me. I live in central MS. Would like to find something within 7-8 hour drive. Do you guys have any recommendations on an outfitter or land owner that would be accomodating? Thanks guys. Chris
  10. jroberts

    Hunting & Fishing sc+georgia hog hunting

    i am looking at taking a bunch of friend to south carliona or georgia to go hog hunting this fall....i was looking on the internet and theres so many places i was wondering if anybody had any experence with any outfitters down there.... thanks Jonathan
  11. HOOFER

    Hunting & Fishing i want to go hog hunting in texas, any ideas

    hey guys, well im just finishing up the last few months of my tour in the lovely city of mosul. upon redeployment, i was thinking of going to texas on a hog hunt, i never hunted hogs before. but think it would be fun. any one have any outfitters they know of. the best ive found was 150...
  12. christian77

    Hunting & Fishing Central TX hog hunt

    zink14 & I made our way out to his ranch this past weekend and got the drop on some unlucky pigs. We were firing from a cliff elevated about 100ft or so, firing at a 90' angle down, 18-20mph winds at a range of maybe 200 or so yards and the critters were hauling ass
  13. A

    Hunting & Fishing NV Scope Recommendations for Hog Hunting?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes anyway. A friend of mine is thinking about picking up an NV scope for hog hunting. Does anyone have any recommendations or things to stay away from? Thanks.
  14. E

    .44 special as a hog round

    I know I could easily use the .44 mag in my Thompson Contender and that would be plenty for a well placed shot on a 200 lb pig. But, my question to you is, what's your take on the .44 special as a pig round or small deer round. Distance, <100yards.
  15. One-Eyed Jack

    Hunting & Fishing Whatta Hog

    Not my hunt, but whatta hog!
  16. deersniper

    Hunting & Fishing Finally shot the first ground hog of the year.

    I have a groundhog hole in the field next to my shop. I didn't think it was active because my buddy already shot one there last year with my AR. Anyway, the trucker told me there was one out, so I took my .308 and managed to miss it 3 times. Later ranged it at 169 yards. Took the .308 to...
  17. M

    Hunting & Fishing Hog hunting info.

    Got a hog hunt lined up from a friend in Florida. Question you can shoot "Feeder hogs" or the Giant hogs. What usually the size differnce between each?