1. D

    Carters Country in Houston Tx has Varget

    I was at the location in Spring and Katy fwy today. They both had 1lb cans of Varget. The Katy fwy store said they got a couple cases in. The katy fwy store also had a "limited" supply of Remington large rifle primers. I finally got my Varget without being robbed for it on Gunbroker.I am so happy.
  2. C

    Member Link Up Houston Texas ?

    Wifes family lives in Houston and I need to find a good place to shoot while I am visiting. Any long range places around to get some shooting in?
  3. N

    Maggie’s THE HOUSTON HERALD - Now that's Gun Control....

    A TRUE STORY FROM....."THE HOUSTON HERALD NEWSPAPER" IN HOUSTON , TEXAS MARCH 5th, 2009 Last Thursday Night Around Midnight, A Woman From Houston , Texas Was Arrested, Jailed, And Charged With Manslaughter for Shooting A Man 6 Times In The Back As He Was Running Away With Her Purse. The...
  4. T

    Rifle Scopes How about a scope comparison in the Houston area?

    I own a Premier Reticles 3-15 with a Gen II reticle, I also own a S&B 4-16X50 with a Gen II XL reticle and a S&B 5-25x56 with a P4F reticle. I've just gotten off the phone with Nathan of HuDisCo, who is the distributor of Hensoldt scopes. Nathan has agreed to send me on of his 4-16 FFP scopes...
  5. S

    houston, tx

    Anybody know of a long range in the houston, tx area to shoot at?
  6. S

    1k of CCI BR2 Primers in Houston Texas

    They only had 3k primers and not too cheap. I only took 2k( since I had 0 ) so for a local in the Houston area looking for 1k of CCI BR2s @ $64 They cant ship out due to the stpid Hazmat requirements which also stopped me from getting some 215M from a fellow Hide member. They are at Baileys...
  7. TexanAviator

    Member Link Up Houston!

    Just found this section. I have already gotten overwhelmingly HUGE support in helping me get into this great hobby so far from the locals. Just thought I would chime in here and say hello to the rest of yall! I am a member at PSC. If anyone else is, or if anyone would like to ever tag along...