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  1. M

    Firearms Howa – Model 1500 Flag Chassis-6.5 CM w/Nikko Stirling 4-16x50 scope

    FOR SALE – Howa – Model 1500 Flag Chassis-6.5 CM w/Nikko Stirling 4-16x50 scope - New - Model: HCRA72507USK - Buffalo River Bipod - Mag: 20 round -1x - Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Price: $1,400.00 OBO Local to Memphis, TN - Will ship to your FFL for additional $35
  2. K

    Howa 1500 .308 168gr or 178gr??

    I just picked up a Howa 1500 American Flag Chassis in .308 and am having trouble deciding on what bullet to run. Ideally I would try multiple but finances are a little tight so hoping to get a head start and see what people like running. As of now I am looking at running either Hornady ELD-M or...
  3. L

    Hi, old member, new to the app. From CA.

    Hi all, Been around for a bit. I stay in Los Angeles , Mexican roots ,US citizen,I call LA home. I prefer bolt guns and rimfire guns in general. But yes, I do like ARs haha. I Love this place , it has taught me a lot and the few interactions I have had with some members had been great. I even...
  4. L

    A rimfire scope in a 223 bolt, will it make it?

    Hi all: So as I post this, I just purchased a howa 1500 short action in 223. I purchased a Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II ,3x9. It is currently mounted in a mp15-22. As I have a side red dot on that 22, a trs25; I want to use that scope in the new 223 bolt action. Will the scope take the recoil? I do...
  5. Oryx_Official

    Precision Rifle Gear ORYX Christmas Giveaway - Win 1 of 2 Oryx Chassis in any of our inlets

    We're giving away 2 Oryx Chassis in any inlet we make. No purchase necessary. Thinking of doing a custom build or want to try switching from a stock to a chassis? We want to make your holidays even better. Click the link bellow to follow our social media accounts and enter. Sharing with friends...
  6. F

    .223 Rifle Choice for MDT XRS

    MDT keeps coming out with more options for their XRS chassis for a variety of rifle brands. I’d like one for a .223 bolt action rifle to use for medium range (300-800 yards) target shooting & marksmanship in PRS & benchrest practice. I value accuracy & a smooth bolt action, and am considering a...
  7. A

    Firearms Howa 1500 .243 Winchester F/S $450+ shipping / fees

    Greetings all, COVID Sucks, So I'm selling things to re-coup funds (pilot, went without work for a long time) I have a Howa "lightning" .243 Win(I think the lightning model indicated a 20" light barrel, bolt knob hollowed, and receiver milled from factory). Its always been around an honest 1.5...
  8. jb0311

    SOLD SPF $475 Howa 1500 .22-250 Hogue Kryptek Cerakote

    I bought this rifle back in 2016 and other than zeroing have not shot it since. I usually am not in the business of selling firearms, but it just sits in the safe and I would rather have a .17hmr or .243 taking up the space instead. This has less than a box of ammo through it. Comes with factory...
  9. Bryan marks

    Gunsmithing Howa 1500 re-barrel

    Has anyone sent there Howa 1500 to get re-barreled? I don’t like the thought of the barrel nut so I’m looking to get a shouldered barrel or has anyone had lick with the remage barrel nut system? I was trying to get ahold of Matt Hornback because he used to shoot Howa actions. I’m in Southern...

    Firearms MPA Howa 1500 SOLD.....SOLD

    MPA competition chassis,barricade stop,spigot mount,right hand.two round holder side of chassis. Howa 1500 6.5 creedmoor barreled action 24 inch Timney Trigger Helfire muzzle brake. area 419 non-removable knob. Nightforce 20 moa rail Have load data- 42.2 H4350 Hornady Eldm 140gr. About 350...
  11. TAMU21_Shoots

    Firearms Sold - MPA HOWA 1500 6.5 cm 24"

    I am selling my starter rifle. Used it primarily for hunting so it has surface wear, but it is completely functional. Expect factory accuracy (MOA or better). BA only: HOWA 1500 6.5 cm 24" - 2 stage Hac trigger set at 3 lbs - around 500rds of factory Hornady ammo through it - 20 moa Scope Base...
  12. Yochran

    KRG Bravo for Howa 1500 (7mm Rem Mag)

    Hello forum, I’m going to start of by saying that my rifle as of now, is set up for hunting and long range shooting. With the coronavirus, school ended for me prematurely, leaving plenty of time for me and my dad to go hunting and shooting. I have my rifle zeroed at 100 yards, and since before...
  13. J

    SOLD Howa 1500 6.5CM 24" Threaded in KRG Bravo (FDE)

    I have a gently used Howa 1500 6.5CM 24" Threaded in KRG Bravo (FDE) chassis. Rifle has 275 of American Gunner 140gr down range and groups 1/2 MOA 5 shot groups at 100 yards with it. Howa 1500 6.5CM 24" Threaded Barreled Action (HACT Trigger set at 1.25lb and can be adjusted up as needed) KRG...
  14. Yochran

    Gunsmithing Threads for suppressor on Howa 1500?

    Hello forum, I just recently bought a Howa 1500 Hogue in 7mm Remington Magnum, and it performs great. Sub MOA, took about 4 shots to zero with cheap factory ammo, and 162 gr ELD-X loads work amazing. I was relatively upset at the fact that the gun's barrel did not come with threads and a cap...
  15. S

    Howa 1500 Trigger. Help Needed!

    First time posting, so hopefully I’m in the right sub forum. Okay so I am apparently an idiot. I have seemed to have lost my trigger adjustment screw over time. I was pulling my gun apart today and noticed it was missing. Can anyone tell me the specs of this piece so I can hopefully pick one...
  16. J

    Howa 1500 APC .308

    Any recommendations to replace an MBA-4 milspec butt stock for precision shooting? I’d like to adjust my Howa .308 to a precision rifle with as much reliable accuracy as possible and welcome any advice. This is my first post & first AR, albeit a bolt action. My primary goal is precision with...
  17. L

    300 Win Mag Howa 1500 Prefit Help

    I have spoken to Shilen, Criterion, and Preferred Barrel Blanks so far. I really wanted a hand lapped new barrel for this Howa 1500 action. It has served me well with just over 1,000 rounds through it. Using ELDX 200 and 212 grain bullets exclusively with H1000 ranging from 75 to 77. It has been...
  18. M

    Long distance ranges in Georgia?

    New to the long range game, I have property in Athens, but can only stretch to about 150 yards... looking to find public ranges for longer distance. Any recommendations? I have a howa 1500.
  19. lowlight

    Howa 1500 HCR in 6.5CM Review

    Full Review coming, but here is the finished video to watch first <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  20. R

    Howa 1500 7mm Rem Mag

    Longtime lurker, first time poster hoping to get some input from those in the know. I just picked up a Howa 1500 in 7mm Rem Mag at auction. Someone has put some love into it, sinking the barrel/action into a Knox SpecOps tactical stock, mounting a rail system, reworking the trigger, and...