1. G

    Gunsmithing vbull bottom inlet vs. seekins vs ?????

    I just traded for an A-5 SA that is inletted for vbull bottom metal. I was planning on running a Seekins box bottom and i'm wondering hows it's all gonna work out. Is there another bottom metal I should be looking at due to the inlet size? I don't have the stock in hand yet.
  2. Nocalphoenix

    Surgeon round inlet question

    Guys, My action is at the smith for the barrel and I have a BC light tactical sitting on the desk. Im still a couple of weeks out but wanted to start on the paint for the stock (Im using air cure cerakote and want the full five days between colors) How much of an inlet do I need off the top of...
  3. George Mac

    Gunsmithing Surgeon DBM in an M5 inlet.

    I got a reply from Surgeon today that putting one of their DBM units in a badger M4/M5 inlet would require a bit of work. Has anyone here done this before and if so, how much work was involved. I picked up a new Baker Special stock from a Hide member and am trying to decide "where" I want to...
  4. George Mac

    Gunsmithing Badger M5 in an M4 inlet stock ?

    I am picking up a new stock that has the inlet for a Badger M4. How much work would it take to fit the detachable M5 in that stock instead? Thanks, George
  5. Adam B

    Gunsmithing Inlet a McMillan stock to fit a badger action

    I have a McMillan A5 and was wondering if it would be possible to inlet it for a Badger long action? It is inletted for a Stiller Tac 300 action/Rem L/A, I imagine that the inletting would be along the same lines as to what you do to an AICS but I am not gunsmith.
  6. C

    Gunsmithing Rem BDL inlet vs Williams in a McMillan

    Does anyone have means to snap a picture of Remington issue BDL bottom metal sitting in a McMillan stock that has been inlet for Williams bottom metal? Thanks.
  7. jayjaytuner

    Gunsmithing does mcmillan inlet for barnard actions

    anyone know if mcmillan inlets for barnard actions, would like to build on a barnard "P" action
  8. hunter223

    question on templar/surgeon stock inlet

    I would assume the inlet for the GAP Templar and the Surgeon actions(S/A) are different, correct? the reason why I ask is that I have an A-5 on my Templar but, want to try the A-4.
  9. R

    Gunsmithing stock inlet question

    Will putting a action that with like a 6 contour in a stock setup for like a 8 contour .Hurt at all.Since theirs a gap on both sides of barrel?