1. skulldragr17

    WTB WTB Lapua 260 Rem Ammo

    Looking for 260 Rem Lapua match ammo. Not picky on grain. Pic for attention.
  2. 1shot2kill

    altitude where cartridge is loaded

    kinda fuzzy question but i was wondering if the altitude,humidity,bar pressure etc at wich you ammo is loaded effects how it shoots? for example if i were to reload a 308 case at sea level 100 percent humidity and 100 degrees farenheit and then reload another at 9000 feet very little humidity...
  3. dlc356

    Movie Theater Locked and Loaded

    Did anybody catch it on History channel Friday? I set the DVR and watched it yesterday after the IPSC match. 1st episode was 'machine guns' followed by 'field artillery'. Reminiscent of Mail Call but different at the same time. Two whole hours of listening to Ermey... my wife was thrilled .
  4. Bushmaster7

    375/408CT Fully Loaded Ammo

    Been off this board for a while, so apologies if this was dealt with before; but is anyone making commercial fully loaded ammo in 375/408 Cheytac in solid lathe turned bullets or otherwise ? Used to get my 408CT from TTI, do they make some 375 stuff also or someone else ?? Does anyone on the...
  5. reewik

    Loaded my first few

    Well I started off kinda, frustrated! I was knocking out primers out of some HSM Winchester brass and snap, the little punch in my Lee Classic Loader kit broke. ( No, big deal, I placed a call to Lee and they mailed me a new one free of charge) I then go to put a primer in and it messes up the...
  6. thumper49802

    Suppressors Springfield Loaded need new grips...

    Any ideas on what type and where to get them at? Im looking for a more tactical style.
  7. WillAdams

    Suppressors Leaving magazines loaded

    Was asked over the weekend about loaded magazines and how long I left them fully topped off. Had to think about it since some of my work goes back over 30+ years. Started off with Colt 45ACP and never thought much about it. Same for for my Sig 220. This shooter has a Glock and was wondering if...
  8. bohem

    Tumbling loaded rounds to clean sizing lubricant

    I've heard very negative things can happen when you tumble loaded rounds. Not from them "going off" in the tumbler, but because the tumbling action can act as a mill and change the powder, instead of a rod powder you can end up with a fine ball dust powder adn the burn rate is extremely high...
  9. CT

    Suppressors Help! Price Check on Springfield Loaded PX9151LP?

    Looking at a possible trade and need to know what a like-new Springfield Loaded .45 (model PX9151LP) with 75 rounds fired/factory box/paperwork is worth? Thanks.
  10. deersniper

    Is hornady tap loaded light?

    I just shot some Hornady Tap 168 AMAX and some Black Hills 168 AMAX out of my LTR. 26 MOA up for the Black Hills and 28.5 MOA up for the TAP. Seems the TAP runs about 100 fps slower than the BH? -dan