1. A

    New Atlas Bipod--Play in Legs Usual?

    Hey guys, quick question: I just received my first Atlas Bipod (V8), and was curious about the expected amount of play in the legs. At full extension (9"), a gentle shaking of the bipod reveals quite a bit of movement around the extendable leg joints. Having never used an Atlas, I was...
  2. mnjm

    Gunsmithing Loose barrel in AR reciever?

    Hopefully not a stupid question, but I'm going to be putting together an AR upper tomorrow and while I've put together and taken apart 4-5 other uppers before, when I dry fit the barrel into the upper receiver, it was very loose...it didn't need any lube at all and easily slips in and out with a...
  3. J

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace Loose plug????

    I just received my second Falcon menace 4-14x44mm scope and noticed the plug that is on the left hand corner under the scope is about 1/8" out farther than my other Falcon, and is only hand tight. Is this of major concern. I just wanted to check with other members to see what this plug affects...
  4. C

    CDI bottom metal, loose?

    I just got my PBR together with CDI's bottom metal and the AI mag seems to be pretty loose in the mag well. Is this normal? Everything functions fine and I'm happy with the setup, I'm just wonedring why the mag has so mauch play. I have a FNH PBR bottom metal and mag for sale too now but post...
  5. P

    Gunsmithing AR15 Loose Pin & Hammer Pin Fit - SunDevil

    Guys, I am pretty bent out of shape right now. Got all I need to assemble my first AR15 and wanted to shoot it for Father's Day next weekend. But, project halted because of a SunDevil lower receiver and there is little I can do about it, but to replace it (I think), with another brand. I...
  6. Tip em over

    Maggie’s Good way to loose your appetite!!

    Took the wifey out to eat for our 10th anniversary last night. Sitting at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green, I see a gal come thru the intersection as her light turns red then smash!!! A motorcyclist on a crotch rocket runs the red light and slams into her and is DOA. I see...
  7. 03psd

    Gunsmithing Loose Studs

    My HS Precision stock (Rem 700VLS) sling studs are all loose. I cannot tighten them without fear of cracking the stock and hand tight miss aligns the holes for bipod use. A Manners is in the near future but for the time being is there a cheap and easy fix?
  8. 03psd

    Loose / Sloppy Turret

    Damn turret on my Lyman keeps loosening up and caused me to have to re-resize 150 .308 cases because the shoulder wasnt set back far enough. Is there any reason I should not slather the big bolt that the turret rotates on in Loctite and cinch it down? Also what amount of up and down play is...
  9. vwhugger

    Hunting & Fishing Austan's cat got loose.

    DNR officials try to nab mountain lion spotted near Spooner - 03/06/2009 State wildlife officials say they’ll wait for a day or so before trying to nab a mountain lion spotted in the woods of northwest Wisconsin. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources workers shot a tranquilizer dart...
  10. fusiachi

    Loose .223 primer pockets

    Using Lake City brass as an example, does anyone have some guidance on how many reloads I can perform before primer pocket expansion will become a concern? Other than the feel of the primer as it's inserted, are there any precursors to look for before things get to the "gas escaping from the...