1. offroadr1

    Gunsmithing i assembled my first ar lower, ???'s

    ok i got my lower assembled this weekend using some video guide i found a link to somewhere else. no big deal, went smooothly and took about 12 minutes. i was using a stag lower with a dpms lpk. my question and doubts are with the 2 trigger pins. in the video the fellow had to tap his into place...
  2. E

    DPMS Lower or AR-10 mags which to keep?

    I am just starting to build my first 308 AR. I bought a DPMS lower which was a good deal. Now I am working on a trade for AR-10 20 and 25rd. Gen II mags. If I get the trade done I am thinking of keeping the mags and selling the Lower. Any opinions on which will make the better build? Thanks...
  3. Lowlight

    Iron Ridge Lower Build *First Look*

    It's here, My Iron Ridge AR-10 Lower mated to my GAP Upper.... Before I went to Texas, I dropped off my SH Build AR-10 upper to Oliver & Co, over at Iron Ridge. At the same time, I was able to get a tour of the shop, and see where the lowers for the group buy were being created. At that...
  4. Dsparil

    Sig 556 Traditional lower being made

    http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/630601935/m/4301005041/p/13 get in on this if you want a traditional lower with folding stock. the more people who get in on it, the cheaper it'll be. and this sucker will take ar mags.
  5. S

    What brand of upper / lower is good

    I am wanting to get a good ar-15 and a good ar-10, What maker is good for the upper and lower receiver? I had heard alot about DPMS so when I contacted the gunsmith who I wanted to do my AR-15 (a very well known and highly respected gunsmith) he told me that DPMS was garbage and that I should...
  6. darkarcher

    Iron Ridge 308 Lower Builds

    So, there should be about one hundred of them, from the group buy, on here. Started this thread to see what parts every one has massed for them. For me, it is a first, putting one together. I would like to say what direction I am going with it. Hopefully, if I am going the wrong way, or if...
  7. Hawk Gunner

    Which lower for a .308 build DPMS or Armalight?

    Im going to start the slow process of a .308 Ar Build. Is there any that gives an advantage over the other except for availability at this point?
  8. G

    Seekins AR Lower pics

    We have been busting butt here this last week getting ready for SHOT and thought we would show what you are going to miss. I am excited to present Billet SP-223’s  They are 7075, hard anodized and 100% machined out of plate. The nice large mag well area makes inserting a mag about as...