1. dckoch

    Ammo 224 Valkyrie Ammo and Magazines for Sale

    Selling a bunch of 224 Valkyrie Ammunition and 6.8 SPC magazines used for the 224 Valkyrie round: 31 Boxes of Federal American Eagle 75 grn TMJ 20 rounds per box - $21.00 per box 10 Boxes of Hornady Black 75 grn BTHP 20 rounds per box - $30.00 per box 4 Boxes of Hornady Match 88 grn ELD match...
  2. JMBlackwater226R

    Firearms Pre-Ban H&K 91

    1978 Pre Ban HK 91 Highly sought after SACO Import with the S-F selector. Excellent condition. Comes with (10) 20 Rnd magazines. $4,500 for the package Open to trades for Precision Rifle in .338LM or .338 Norma
  3. grassy knoll

    SOLD Sig MPX Magazines

    Eight 30 round mags and one 20 round mag. 9 magazines total for Sig MPX (Gen2). New. Three without box but also never used. $305 shipped.
  4. grassy knoll

    SOLD Glock 19 Gen 4 mags

    6 unused Glock 19 Gen 4 mags. 5x 15 round mags 1x 31 round mag $95 shipped. No trades

    SOLD WTS - 6 "like new" Factory Glock 21 Magazines - 45 ACP -

    SOLD I have 6 factory "like new" Glock 21 mags up for grabs... A few of these have never been used, the rest still look new. These are 13 round mags. Asking $120 shipped to your address. Discreet paypal "gift" or Venmo for payment. No trades. Only looking to sell all 6 together at this...
  6. Hrtbrkr

    Accessories Sold - AR 10 / Ruger Precision Rifle magazines

    New in package 4 CPD and one Pmag .308 magazines. Sold - $50 for all 5 shipped
  7. M

    Which mags to run with nucleus & MPA

    Good afternoon, I’m posting to find out from others what magazines seem to run well with a 6.5 creed - nucleus action/mpa comp chassis. This has been my first rifle build and looking for advice from others with a similar setup who can steer me in the right direction? Accurate mag, AI Mags...
  8. StealthOwl

    Sold: AICS 300 WM 5-Rd Magazine

    .300 WM AICS 5-round mag - $65 shipped Lightly used mag that I got in a trade but don't need right now. Sold.
  9. F

    AICS Classic Mags in AX

    Can you use the AICS Classic Mags in the newer AX Chassis? I've searched everywhere, but can't seem to find anything. If I missed it somewhere obvious, please let me know.
  10. C

    Ashbury 338LM , magazines ?

    Hi Guys , Does Accurate Mags , make the 10rd 338LM mags for the Ashbury 338LM , the one that use the Surgeon XL action in its rifle . The mag looks like a big version of the 10rd 308 Sako TRG-22 magazine . And are these available ?
  11. long range fire

    Where to buy AICS 308 (Rem700) magazines?

    Just wondering where I go to buy some magazines. Does AI sell the magazines directly? And are there aftermarket mags for AICS, or are they crappy?
  12. Jo.

    Gunsmithing Remington MSR Magazines

    I'm about to start with a rifle project that will be chambered in 6.5x55 Swedish and I'm looking for a magazine that will fit the cartridge. I'll manufacture a bottom metal to fit the mag, but first I need to find a mag! Today I saw the new Remington MSR and their magazines looks very...
  13. WillAdams

    Suppressors Leaving magazines loaded

    Was asked over the weekend about loaded magazines and how long I left them fully topped off. Had to think about it since some of my work goes back over 30+ years. Started off with Colt 45ACP and never thought much about it. Same for for my Sig 220. This shooter has a Glock and was wondering if...
  14. Dagsta

    Sako Quad magazines

    Guys was going to order some extra mags for the new trainer WE!!! just got from Jered. I know we talked about it in prior threads and I've heard about some feed problems with the 10 rounders. Any feedback??? I was going to TJ General Store and the price is practically the same for the 5's and...
  15. O

    AR 15 DPMS Magazines available from Brownells!!!!

    Just got my backorder notification postcard yesterday. Five are inbound!
  16. deersniper

    Where to get Advantage Arms magazines?

    Where are you getting advantage arms magazines? I need some for my Glock 17. I wish someone would step up and make some high cap mags for the kit. Thanks. -dan
  17. NorCal Vu

    Sako Quad Magazines for 22LR?

    Where is a good place to get these? Thanks guys, Vu
  18. M

    PBR Magazines

    CDNN got a load of PBR magazines according to a voice mail I received from Ken. Pat
  19. M

    A-bolt magazines interchangeability?

    I realize that A-bolts are not particularly popular around here, but I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using 7mm-08 magazines in a .308? Thanks.
  20. M

    Knights SR-25 VS. DPMS LRT-SASS magazines

    Can anyone advise if Sr-25 magazines are interchangeable with DPMS LRT-SASS magazines and vice versa?