1. J

    Rifle Scopes Too much magnification possible? (Noob questions)

    Hey all, I'm considering getting a USO SN3 scope. I plan on shooting at distances of 100-400 yards, and then gradually expanding as my shooting improves. I have some noob questions however... Is there such a thing as too much magnification? I'm debating on either the SN3 3.2-17x or the SN3...
  2. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes what magnification for what range?

    Over the years I have come to the opinion that most people buy more magnification than they need. So, just out of curiosity, what maximum magnification do you feel is optimum for the following ranges? 100 yards 250 yards 500 yards 750 yards 1000 yards
  3. earthtrekker1775

    Rifle Scopes Best 10x fixed magnification scopes? Opinions?

    I am strongly considering a fixed magnification scope for a custom bolt gun build. I know USO and Leupold make one but I would like to get your opinions. I am not familiar with the other makers out there. This scope must be simple and dead-tough. Will be a .308 rifle with capability for 1Km...
  4. D

    Rifle Scopes NXS magnification ring question.

    Let me throw out a disclaimer first that I have very limited exposure to NXS scopes. I upgraded from a Leupold to an NXS recently. I had some issues with the NXS not focusing clearly so I sent it back to the factory for a look over. The question I have is: should the entire eye piece move with...
  5. S

    Rifle Scopes Magnification choice.

    I'm sure this one has been beat to death and I will get several do a search ya lazy B&[email protected]%D, which I have but I'm sure I'm using the wrong terms and my search FU is weak today. But anyway here goes. I have a Remmy .308 in an A.I.C.S stock that I plan on shooting at 1-300 yards for the most...
  6. P

    Rifle Scopes Magnification for different applications

    I have read a LOT of posts here about what power scope someone should have. 10X is a very popular choice. I shoot for group size and a 10X scope is pretty low power for pure target shooting. I can see the advantage if shooting at a silouette style target- paper or steel. How hard is it to get...
  7. J

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Varmint Reticle magnification

    Not trying to start a does it work or not thread. I tried to search but all I found was works / doesn't work banter. My question is how does the varmint hunters reticle work through the magnification range of a scope. For example, if I were to get a VX-III 8.5-25, How would the reticle work...
  8. G

    What is the minimum magnification for 1k?

    What is the minimum magnification you guys would trust to reach out and still achieve tight groups out to 1000 yards? 10x?
  9. VTi

    Rifle Scopes Optic Magnification vs. Mirage ???

    Hi guys. Today we were shooting steel targets at 900yds and the mirage just terrible. The conditions must have been perfect to make the mirage especially shitty. We still did fine, but it brings up the question... How do you all deal with heavy mirage regarding scope magnification? I've...
  10. S

    Rifle Scopes Best magnification for 1000 yard F-class

    I am wanting to get into f-class shooting and was wondering what magnification would be best. Fixed or variable doesn't matter, but at what magnification does mirage wash-out the scope and make it unusable? Thanks for any and all help.