1. D

    Rifle Scopes Average Usable elevation on PST 5-25

    Hi guys, newbie here. I have recently zeroed my pst 5-25 on my tikka ctr and found that I have about 10.5 mils left of usable elevation. I was honestly a little surprised that it took 15 mils to zero. Is this normal? The ctr has a zero Moa base. Given 25 total mils of elevation and dividing...
  2. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Mils vs MOA vs IPHY Article Do you prefer Mils, MOA or IPHY This has to be one of the longest-running debates going. Nobody agrees on the facts, and everyone appears emotionally tied to the choices. Mils vs MOA is not about one system of...
  3. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Practical App, Mils vs MOA Video

    The full article is coming tomorrow Until then, the video for it <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. O

    Rifle Scopes Turret Question

    Hello, All. Just getting started here at the Hide after using it as probably the most valuable resource on the Internet. Greatly respect anyone here for their knowledge and experience! Let me dive right into it and start my first post with an issue that I am currently dealing with. I...
  5. vbadmin

    Mils vs MOA the Definitive Reason "Why"

    Both Mils and MOA are an Angle. They were intended to operate as angles and while all angles have linear equivalents, when it comes to shooting there is no reason to use the linear value. We have moved beyond needing to figure the straight line distance. They were always meant to work as an...
  6. Rich Emmons

    Range Report 155's 8.2 mils 1000

    just curious what some of you guys shooting 155 scenars at a 1000yds are getting. list your: barrel length known velocity Altitude or DA. Real world dope at 1000yds. Thanks
  7. C

    Advanced Marksmanship Somebody Please Explain Math on 3.5 mils = 1 moa

    Greetings everyone, new member here. I'm not very internet savy, however I came across this website and see a wealth of knowledge exists here. I have a simple question: how is it determined that 3.5 moa exist between every mil in an M3A Leupold Scope? Every training environment and FM I have...
  8. M

    Rifle Scopes Why Mils over IPHY?

    It seems like most people use Mil/Mil. Why choose that over IPHY? Isn't it a lot easier to do the math if you are shooting in yards to do inch per hundred yards instead of having to convert from mils to yards? Am I missing something? Thanks
  9. U

    Rifle Scopes Mildot master but MOA instead of MILS?

    Does anyone make something like the mildot master but in moa so an moa dot/hash master? I like the idea of a slide rule instead of a calculator. I currently am using the NPR1 reticle and I think an moa slide rule would be quicker than a calculator.
  10. M

    Fieldcraft Mils, Yards and Meters and MOA

    I have a scope that ranges in Mils, and adjusts in MOA's. I am just now starting to get into shooting at odd distances. (It is easy if you only shoot at exactly 1K and it is measured off) If you range with mils does it make it easier to use yards or meters for range? If you adjust with MOA...
  11. i_Adam_i18

    Rifle Scopes Mils or MOA?

    So if you have the choice of getting a mil dot scope with either Mil adjustments or MOA adjustments, which one do you get? What is the point of having MOA adjustments on a Mil dot scope...doesn't that just mean more calculations? I want to get good at range estimation and putting the first...
  12. R

    Rifle Scopes Ranging with mils

    What easy "in the head" math is there for ranging in mils? I have read a few different publications that have different methods, but one way I've come up with (I guess it all depends on how accurate you need to be) is to take the number of inches that one mil covers on the target divided by 4 +...
  13. 96C

    Rifle Scopes Leupold MK4 - MOA to MILs factory conversion.

    Hi guys, i have a leupold MK4 4.5-14x50mm illum TMR with 1/4 MOA adjustments on the M1 turrets. i bought this scope when i had an idea about what i wanted but not 100% about winding on targets. rang leupold tech support last night, spoke to a bloke and he said it wouldn't be a problem to...