1. E

    Where to find Remington 700 5r milspec .308

    Hey all, I have decided for my first precision rifle (as a graduation gift) I wanted to get a remington 700 5r milspec in .308 with a 24'' barrel. Unfortunately this has proven a difficult rifle to find. I have searched online, but I feel i'm not looking in the right places. So i was...
  2. S

    Remington 5R Milspec .308

    Does the .308 5R use a long action like the M24 or a short action? Also will the old style trigger from a .308 VS interchange with the 5Rs X-Mark trigger? I'm thinking about upgrading my old .308 VS to a 5R but want to use the VS trigger and the Badger M5 triggerguard, etc. in the 5R. Thanks...
  3. J

    Remington 700P or Remington 700 SS 5R Milspec?

    After doing a lot of reading, I'm still confused as to which rifle I should get. I plan on shooting 168grain FGMM ammo. (I got a good deal on 1000 rounds) It seems that the 5R trumps the 700P with 175grain loads, but what about for 168grain loads?
  4. corsair_001

    Rem 700 Mil-spec 5R

    Well, finally got my rifle to the range on Friday. Topped it with Seekins 20 moa base, Burris extreme rings around a SS, and added a Harris bi-pod. I've been shooting gas guns almost exclusively the last 10 years, have to admit this bolt gun is fun. Sweet little gun, seems to prefer the...

    Mil-Spec M855 62gr.

    Does any one know the B.C. of this bullet? Thanks for any help, Pete Pi Jr. Cor-Bon Ammo Inc.
  6. C

    300 win mag milspec ammo quetion

    gun is ready to shoot/looking for rec on ammo/mostly use for hunting and some longer range shooting/thanks for any help.
  7. T

    Need a load for a Remington Milspec 5R .308

    OK, I just bought a new Remington 700 Milspec 5R and I'm ready to load up some ammo and see what it'll do. It's been forever since I've made any .308 loads and could use a little help on some starting componants. Looking around it would seem everybody is out of components, but I've got Federal...
  8. T

    Remington Milspec 5R .308

    What do you guy's think about a Remington "milspec 5R" in .308 for an enthusiastic newbie? It would seem to be a good value. What do you think? Thanks!
  9. M

    Remington Mil-Spec

    MilSpec Review Mil-Spec Pricing I have a buddy wanting to get in to shooting. Budget is the biggest deciding factor. I pointed him at the 700 just for the sheer amount of info and gear available. He came back with this Mil-Spec version I have never heard of. I have done a little reading...
  10. D

    Tikka T3 Varmint or Rem 700 R5 milspec?

    I recently bought a new scope: Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm illuminated duplex reticle. I got it slightly used for $806. (good price?) Now I just need a rifle to put it on! I've narrowed my choice to either the Tikka T3 Varmint (.308) or the Remington 700 R5 milspec (.308). I will be using the...