1. Bolt Thrower

    SOLD Armageddon Gear X-Wing Rear Bag with QD Swivel

    Mutlicam X-Wing Rear Bag with QD Swivel (AG Part # AG0157). $40 shipped. Used this one time, so it great condition. Attaches to rifle/pack with a push button QD swivel or velcro straps. Standard size - 7" x 6" x 1.25"
  2. grassy knoll

    SOLD First Spear Multicam Arid Wind Cheater Large

    New First Spear Wind Cheater in Multicam Arid. Size Large. $190 shipped.
  3. grassy knoll

    SOLD Haley Strategic D3CRM Micro Chest Rig

    New and unused. Haley Strategic D3CRM in Multicam. $150 shipped.
  4. grassy knoll

    SOLD G-Code Multicam pouches

    Never used. Just stored in my gear bag. 1 Contact Med Pouch with RTI wheel 1 Contact Modular Pouch Small 2 Tourniquet Pouches (1 with vertical MOLLE, 1 with Velcro tabs for 2” belt) 1 Ear Pro Loop $65 shipped. No trades.
  5. grassy knoll

    SOLD G-code Glock19 OSH Holster

    New G-code OSH RTI holster for Glock 19. Left handed. Multicam. RMR cut. Fits gen 4/5 with Surefire X300 U. $60 shipped. No trades.
  6. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND: Armageddon Gear precision rifle sling

    Looking for one with QD attachments, preferably multicam. Let me know what you got!

    Accessories WTS - Lots of MOLLE Pouches - Medical / Mag / Admin

    Just cleaning out the closet. All of these pouches are in excellent, if not "like new" condition. Respond to this thread and PM me with the number you want. Prices are fair and firm. No trades. Payment by Venmo or paypal gift. Shipping is INCLUDED in the price listed. Thanks! 1. ***SOLD TO...

    SOLD SOLD - Multicam HSGI Slim Grip Padded Belt - Slotted

    Up for grabs - a very good condition multicam HSGI Slim Grip Padded Belt - Slotted model. The padded belt is size "medium" according to HSGI which is 39" end to end. The internal belt is a coyote tan Cobra buckle belt with a d-ring - I believe it is a large because it has "36" written on it from...
  9. D

    Accessories WTS: Wiebad multicam tac pad **SOLD**

    I've got a like new wiebad multicam tac pad up for grabs for $50 shipped. I bought this bag intending to use it for matches and just never did. It's only seen a square range twice. I take paypal or venmo for payment and this item will ship usps priority
  10. N

    Accessories Unused gear up for sale

    Got time on my hands and gear that someone else could probably put to good use, so posting for sale here on the hide for a bit before I post elsewhere: Brand new in package Beyond Clothing A9 Mission Blouse, Multicam, size XL, $175 shipped Like brand new, worn once or twice, Beyond Clothing A9...
  11. ogrepraxy

    WTS: Bergara BMP Combo - $1999!

    Due to a back injury that has kept me from competition and work, I am realizing that I am a long way out from being physically able to compete — and so I am selling my entire rig, which is mint or near mint. I have only shot about 50 rounds through it, to site in the scope and break in the...
  12. C

    Multicam Dip Kits

    Finally found a DIY Camo Dip Kit in Multicam - Camo Dip Kit - Do It Yourself Water Transfer Camo Dip Kit
  13. savageshooter623

    Cheek rest color opinions.

    Hey everyone. Im going to put a tactical operations ammo cheek pad on my rifle but I am undecided about the color. My rifle is all black, so i thought I would keep it that way. Then I thought that this would be my chance to add a little color. I will either go with black, multicam, or coyote...
  14. VTi

    Jeromy "Dimensions" - Multicam

    I just thought I'd throw up a few images of yet another awesome paint job by Jeromy - "Dimensions". We spoke on the phone and I basically told him I wanted a Multicam pattern, with just a *small* amount of his custom skull work on the forearm of both sides. I also specified that the skulls not...
  15. Triad

    Multicam Eagle Drag Bags

    After a long wait, my special order of Multicam Drag Bags have arrived. Some of you that have been paying attention may remember that they showed up about two months ago, but I sent them all back. There was a production flaw that had to be fixed before I would accept them. The good news is...
  16. 11B-B4

    Photos Multicam Suits :)

    Heres is my brother and I sporting sexy new multicam wookie suits!! We made with the help of an SEO friend last year sometime when multicam was really en vogue. hahaha They are made on Propper uniforms... have crye 1000denier drag pads with velcro closure. I just cut puss pad for them, and...
  17. H

    Photos my multicam sniper suit

    This suit was made from a TruSpec base. It has Duro Nylon Multicam covering The entire front of the top,and right where you need it on the pants... with built in Knee, elbow, and kidney pads.It also offers a shoulder pad up in the right shoulder made of a softer foam for reducing recoil effects...
  18. R

    Suppressors Multicam G19

    Look what I had done

    Photos Multicam paint.

    This is lot of work but i think it turned out pretty decent