1. mwiggi

    Suppressors CZ 457 pro-varmint suppressor ready and Dead Air Mask HD thread length

    I’ve got a CZ 457 and a dead air mask currently in jail. Was looking over the pictures I had taken of the two together and noticed a problem. The suppressor threads on the barrel perfectly but stops just shy of the edge of the rest of the barrel. I’m not entirely sure it is a problem but if so...
  2. SilencerShop

    Silencer Shop News Update: ATF eForms Launch Imminent!

    According to the ATF, eForms will launch between December 15 - 28, 2021! Here is what you need to know about ATF eForms: The New eForms will make owning an NFA item (suppressor, SBR) quicker and easier. Launch Date is estimated between the 15th and 28th of December. If you have an order...
  3. JohnC76

    Help Overturn 18 USC 922(o) & NFA

    Disclaimer: Mods, if this is in the wrong place, move it, or if it violates rules, delete it (Glanced rules over, think I'm OK posting this). I discovered this on and have no affiliation with this lawyer, etc. I don't know him personally, but others on numerous gun forums vouch for him...
  4. K

    Suppressors $99 NFA Gun Trust - limited time

    came across this today for anyone looking to setup a trust, great deal. Two colleagues have confirmed this is no scam GEARHOG | 50% - 70% off your favorite outdoors, hunting and fishing gear usually $199 thought I would share
  5. Fatherdeath

    Photos SBR Rebuild

    As of today my last part part came in (my back ordered Aimpoint) Gen 1 Noveske Regstered SBR lower Adams arms ultra light evo upper 1:7 twist melonite Aim point T1 with GGGAZ mount Troy hk front sight USMC Issued KAC 200M-600M micro Magpul acs and grip KNS non rotaiting pins Magpul BAD...
  6. Surgeon_Shooter

    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    How long is the wait time on a form 4 to date? Post how long you have been waiting or how long you recently waited before it was completed and sighned. JAY
  7. riley5001

    Suppressors Called NFA today

    Called NFA today to check the status of my form 4 ( doing it as a trust). I called because it had been mailed in, by my dealer back in April. I was told it was assigned and pending as of 07/10/2009. Anybody know about what the aveage wait from here might be. I know some may be sooner and some...
  8. C

    Suppressors Nice new NFA data resource...

    To all the NFA owners here: Please hit up, get an anonymous account, and enter your transfer info if you have it recorded somewhere. This has potential to be a huge resource for the NFA community. He's adding functions but it already provides a lot of good data analysis under...
  9. Mgordon

    Suppressors ? about moving NFA items across state lines

    Hey Guys, I'm getting serious about registering a AR lower as a SBR. I'm moving from Ohio to Texas in 3 months. Would it be worth it to just wait until I move to Texas and register it there, or do it now and just transfer it across state lines? How much of a pain is it to move your SBR's?
  10. S

    Gunsmithing NFA AR15 pistol build question

    I read somewhere that if I put a vertical forward grip on a AR15 pistol that it then becomes an NFA weapon. Is this true? Thanks in advance. Scott
  11. leprechaun

    Suppressors NFA Items-How to with a trust

    Now that the change has taken place, I want to get some NFA items before I can't. I have heard that you can do it with a "trust". I am hoping I can get some guidance. What is the benefit of "trust" vs. doing it as a individual? What type of "trust" do you need? I want to get the following...
  12. K

    Suppressors NFA Trust?

    Anyone set up a trust for their NFA purchase? I have Quicken Willmaker, but would like to find an attorney to go over my application. Anyone in the Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah AO's able to recommend and attorney or actually done one themselves? Thanks in advance.