1. Rambo86

    Firearms CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    Looking to get rid of my CZ shadow target GEN two. The cal is a 9. Only put about 50 rounds through it. Looking to get $1250 shipped.
  2. M198gunner

    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 - what would you spend $1000 - 2000 on if you had the cash

    Looking to pick up a 1911, I have zero time with them. Have been reading about what to look for in the barrel and bushings. I like the single stack look with a 5-6 inch barrel. What would you choose in the $1000+ range and the $1500+ range and why? I will use if for carry and shooting...
  3. Mustafa

    Suppressors New SIG .22LR pistols

    Anyone seen or had any experience with the new SIG .22LR pistols? I saw one yesterday at a gunstore in Utah that another customer was taking to the range. He had the P229 model and I was told that the store can order the P226 model as well for about $500. Since I carry a P226 in .40, I was...
  4. M

    Taurus pistols, FP and HP bullets

    I don't have a Taurus pistol myself, but several of my friends do. They all happen to be 9mm. I think one is a 24/7 model, and the others are millennium models. They look to me to have very steep feed ramps. They seem to really hate anything other than FMJRN bullets. Anyone else experience...
  5. S

    Lets see your fancy 22 pistols!

    Here's my Benelli MP95E.The weights out in front of the pistol and the bore rides low so there is minimal muzzle flip.We were plinking a while back and hitting 2 inch wide steels at 100Y with good regularity. Steve
  6. mike1128

    Suppressors FN pistols?

    Trying to decide between an FNP .45 and a five-seven pistol. Anyone have and experience with either?
  7. St.Michael

    Fieldcraft Where do snipers carry their pistols ?

    Ok guys, here is the thing. I have "heard" that the secondary weapon to a sniper should be a pistol. So I am wondering, if they do carry a pistol, WHERE do you carry it? thigh rig? belt holster? on a vest? I haven't been able to find ANY info about this at all. I was going to get a thigh rig but...