1. Gruff

    Maggie’s When you're seated next to a jerk on a plane...

    What to do on an airplane when you find yourself seated next to a real jerk: 1. Take out your laptop. 2. Slowly open your laptop. 3. Turn it on. 4. Make certain your neighbor is watching. 5. Open your internet browser. 6. Close your eyes for a few moments, open them and then look...
  2. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Can a NSX nightforce be changed First focal plane

    since all other changes can be made to these scopes and I have 4 of them can the forst focal plane option also be done ?? I doubt it in that this would be too good to be true but ?? Bill
  3. W

    Rifle Scopes First focal plane.

    Is ffp more important in long range shooting than other applications? Also if you have a 4.5-14 power scope and you site in on 14 what would the difference be taking the the same yardage shot on the 14 power as the 4.5 power. Is it only a slight difference? And whats it do when your shooting...
  4. One-Eyed Jack

    Maggie’s Little Girl on a Plane

    LITTLE GIRL ON A PLANE A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, 'Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.' The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed...
  5. TacticalSasquach

    Rifle Scopes first focal plane mil/mil under 1.5k list

    looking at optics under 1,500 dollars ,first focal plane only , mil/mil only multiple powers only( IE 5-15x, 5-25x, etc) mildot reticle only please fellow hide members help populate a list of manufacturers and their respective magnification power. thanks.
  6. M

    Rifle Scopes 2nd focal plane calibrated reticle mil-dot / NP-R2

    Say I have a Leupold Mark 4 MR/T M2 2.5-8x36mm with the TMR reticle. P/N 60180. At an indicated 8x setting, there are dots every 1/2 mil, and hashes every mil. If I move it to an indicated 4x, are the dots now every 1-mil, and hashes every 2-mil? Or if I had a Nightforce 3.5-15x50mm with...