1. tylerw02

    Remington 700 PSS .308, Leupold Mark 4

    I have a 1993 (or so I’m told) Vintage Remington 700 PSS with a 24” barrel, parkerized finish I was told this was a department issued rifle when I purchased it, but it has no markings other than factory Remington markings. It’s in the original H-S stock and is unmolested. No paint, tubing...
  2. T

    Upgrading my arsenal, need help with resale value of the old

    I'm moving up the rungs on the precision rifle ladder, and have decided that I need to get rid of my current R700 setup, just don't know what to ask for it. Based on what I've seen here in the classifieds, I'm guessing $800 would be fair. Then again, more qualified minds might tell me otherwise...
  3. A

    Difference between HS sendero stock and PSS stock?

    Just wondering what the difference, if any, is between the REM HS Sendero stock and a HS PSS stock aside from the spiderweb finish on the sendero? Thanks, Alan
  4. rweldon

    Remington 5R, PSS, & SPS Tactical...barrel contour

    Does the Remington PSS, SPS Tactical, & 5R all have the same barrel contour? Are they all the "varmit" contour?
  5. MW81556

    Gunsmithing Rem SA PSS Stock/ Badger DM Bottom metal

    Hi, I am new to long range shooting and I love it.I have question that I hope somebody can answer for me. I just purchased a Rem. SA PSS HS Precision stock, but no bottom metal, I was wondering if it's possible to use the Badger DM Bottom metal with this stock?
  6. D

    What's the heaviest barrel contour for a PSS stock

    If I rebarrel my PSS what's the heaviest contour i can use?
  7. R

    LTR and PSS stock

    I was just curious if there is any difference between a PSS and an LTR remington stock. I know they are both H.S. precision, just never seen them side by side.

    Please help, I rode the short bus. PSS questions

    I am very new to long range shooting. Ive been looking at Remington 700s. There are too many models for me to choose from. I am looking for a .223 and ran into a guy when I was working out of town that has a PSS fluted barrel for sale. He just sent some pics and details. I mostly shoot paper...
  9. D

    Remm 700 PSS

    Got this rifle as a turn in by state police. Finally got it out to the range to work it out. It came topped with a leupold MkIV 3.5-10. I added Harris legs. Wasn't ready for a serious session. Just wanted to take advantage of the weather and the opportunity to light up some paper. I tried 4...
  10. M

    Gunsmithing 700 PSS DM

    Just picked up a slightly used PSS with DM. Searching here I've heard that the factory DM system isn't that great. I've also learned that you cannot turn a factory DM into a BDL without a new receiver. So that leaves me with getting a new DM system (Badger, Seekins, HS, etc). Will an aftermarket...
  11. V

    Remington 700 PSS barrell round count question?

    some opinions on the life of a 700 pss barrell in .308. the barrell has 800 rounds through it as well as the rest of the rifle, is this rifle near the end of its "accurate" life, even if well maintained?
  12. J

    Anyone have pics of rebarrelled 700 PSS?

    I'm thinking eventually down the road I'd like to get a straight taper maybe M40 contour barrel for my PSS, does anyone here have pics of a PSS that has been rebarrelled? Thanks.
  13. rcnpthfndr

    Gunsmithing Remington PSS DBM question

    the .308 DBM that comes standard can the magazine be replaced with a HS Precision one in .223? hope that is clear.
  14. T

    Rem 700 PSS 90's model $$$?

    Shooters, I have a friend in need of some cash and he really doesn't want to sell this rifle but may have no choice. It's a Rem 700 PSS .308 black synthetic HS stock. What is a FAIR price he can expect to get out of this rifle. It has 500-700 rds shot through it. Please let me know so I can...
  15. A

    AICS + REM 700 PSS = Feeding problems from the mag

    Hello, I have and AICS 1.5 on a remington 700 PSS. However, testing it out I noticed that feeding from the magazine results in my bullets being scraped along the feeding ramp and i have to apply a generous amount of force to get it up the ramp. Manually loading the chamber is no problem with...