Rem 700 PSS 90's model $$$?

Tom Sarver

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Apr 17, 2007
Coshocton,OH USA

I have a friend in need of some cash and he really doesn't want to sell this rifle but may have no choice. It's a Rem 700 PSS .308 black synthetic HS stock.
What is a FAIR price he can expect to get out of this rifle. It has 500-700 rds shot through it.
Please let me know so I can help him sell it. This is a man who has worked hard his whole life in a family business and when he has to resort to selling a firearm I know it's not good financially.
He owns and operates a radio business and installs communication systems in Virginia.

Tom Sarver

banshee sws

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Re: Rem 700 PSS 90's model $$$?

i hate to hear this -

but to give you an idea here in Tennessee , PSS' in average shape are selling for $700ish

nice condition, no marks, no dings in the stock, etc., $800ish

of course the lower the price , the quicker they move

a new one is $950+, so i would take 10% off that and let 'er rip

this is just the base rifle too, not with rings, scope base, bipod, case, optics, etc.,