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Full Member
Jan 15, 2022
Spring Lake, NC

for sale:
L3/Insight Peq15 FP FDE with one of the cleanest peq15 illuminators I’ve seen. 2010 DOM safe Queen. Under 1000 rds fired with it on a rifle. Comes with factory pressure pad, modlite mod button pressure pad, and 2x diffuser pattern kits. $2000 shipped

L3 WP PVS14. No spec sheet, bought second hand from another SH member about 4-6 months ago and only used twice, very nice unit with no blems. Comes in milspec housing with wilcox J arm and Wilcox bridge mount with the shoes, plus a spare set of ocular and front lenses. Only selling cause I have no use for either of this as I only use thermal any more. $5000 shipped

Buy both and I’ll throw in another wilcox bridge mount with them (2 bridges total plus everything else mentioned)

No trades at this time. PM me with an offer if you think my prices are off we can discuss and negotiate that.

Text me 2542519678 for pictures. For some reason it won’t let me download them currently