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  1. BuildingConceptsllc

    Accessories Looking for a 30 cal uni throater - hand reamer to rent or buy?

    I need to add some free bore to my 308 win chamber and need a throat reamer kit to do it with. Hard to find item it seams, so if anyone has one I could rent from them or that they want to sell me, please let me know. I'd need it to be a piloted set up as I'm a novice at this. Thanks
  2. bdh308

    What is a reamer?

    I keep hearing about people using reamers....What exactly is a reamer? New shooter so sorry if its a dumb ?.
  3. C

    Gunsmithing Reamer Speed

    Hello guys, I have a question about lathe speed for reaming. I just got my 6.5x47 reamer from PTG for my new build. The last barrel I did I ran at 45 rpm and was told that might be a little slow. I'am just not sure. What speed do you guys run? The barrel I am doing is a S/S Krieger. Thanks for...
  4. bsp212

    Gunsmithing 300 Win Mag chamber reamer

    Looking for a .300 Win Mag chamber reamer for 220 gr. SMK at AICS mag length. Any suggestions?
  5. 300sniper

    Gunsmithing reamer holder, what's your favorite?

    i have been using the bald eagle fully floating reamer holder with ok results. i still don't like the idea though. i want to get away from holding the handle by hand. my tailstock is about .0015" high now but i think i have a way to fix that. i am thinking that something like the gtr reamer...
  6. U

    Gunsmithing .308 Chamber reamer recommendations requested

    Need to rebarrel AIAW .308 I need recommendations for a chamber reamer purchase. This is a rifle used in professional instruction classes, TAC matches and some F class F/TR. The 7.62 chamber kind of hard on .308 brass and want to stay away from too tight match/Palma chamber. Shooting mostly .155...
  7. selfbowhunter

    Gunsmithing Need help with reamer specs

    i am guilty of being a tight a$$ and was pondering a new bench gun. i was really wanting a 30br but with the price of brass and the availability i started looking elsewhere. i also have a full length 308 tactical rifle in the works. anyway, i thought i might just buy a match 308 reamer and run...
  8. O

    Gunsmithing Floating Reamer Holders??

    I am going to attempting my first build soon and am trying to acquire all the tools. Which floating reamer holders work the best. I have been considering a Bald Eagle and JGS. Any input on either one of these would be helpful.
  9. M

    Gunsmithing GAP M40A1 spec build.. Reamer question

    I am having George and crew build me a spec M40A1. I don't know if I should just let him roll with it or should I request a specific reamer? I handload my own ammo so this is why I am asking. I will mainly be launching SMK 175's.
  10. Wheres-Waldo

    Gunsmithing Ordering a reamer. Making sure I get what I need.

    Hi again gentlemen, Ive decided to invest a bit of my tax return on setting back and rechambering my rifle, which is currently a spec chamber without too much freebore. Ide like to have it set back and rechambered in the same cal. (300WM) Yet with a tighter neck. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  11. NorCal Vu

    Gunsmithing 308win Match Reamer?

    Guys, What reamers would you want to use for a match spec chamber for 308win? Is there one with the lead already set for 168s and 175 match ammo? Is there an industry standard reamer that outfits like GAP, KMW, R&D would use for their 308 builds? Or does each outfit have their own flavor on...