1. C

    Accessories **SOLD** Rem700SA MPA chassis

    I’m selling my MPA BA competition chassis. Fits Rem700SA RH and clones. I’m missing one set screw for the cheek riser but other than that, the chassis is in perfect condition. Asking $800 shipped to your door.
  2. Bebop

    Accessories (Sold) Mcmillan Mc3 short action carbon fiber filled polymer stock ($320 free shipping)

    New MC3 Legend Deluxe Plus Black Carbon Fiber DBM- Rem 700 short action MDT Polymer 10 round .308 magazine Polymer DBM with trigger guard 100% Xenolite Composite material with added carbon fiber for unmatched rigidity and stiffness Aluminum Pillars bedded in during molding Molded to fit...
  3. J

    Rifle Scopes Rem 700 Upgrade Scope Base to 8-10 Screws - Needed? - DIY?

    I'm planning to put together a Remington 700 rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor for possible PRS shooting... I'll be using a fairly large scope... Something with a 34mm tube and a 56mm objective lens. Is it necessary to upgrade the scope base mounting screws to 8-40 for a heavy scope like this? I'm...
  4. B

    Remington 700 x AICS Build

    This thread documents my recent decision to build a rifle in order to take up the hobby of long range target shooting. Once I knew that I wanted to own a long range rifle I started doing research. I wanted to own a good reliable rifle that I could learn to shoot with. After doing months of...
  5. applevalleyjoe

    Gunsmithing Tuning the Factory Standard Rem700 Trigger

    I know that the factory trigger can be replaced with aftermarket triggers such as Timney, Jewell, Shileen, Basixx,Huber, et. al. But what can be done to the factory trigger to enhance/tune performance?
  6. P

    I am about to paint my rem700 … need info.

    I have a Remington 700 sps varmint .308 that I am about to put in a Bell and Carlson A5 style stock. The only stock in stock was in real tree camo and not very tacti-cool looking. I know I am going to at least paint it black or olive. What type of paint do you use on your gun stocks? Can you...
  7. J

    Gunsmithing inletting rem700 mcmillan stock for badger action

    Hey guys, Just snagged a badger action and sold my rem700 barreled action. The mcmillan stock is inletted for the SA 700. How involved is the fitting of the badger action to this stock? Any help is appreciated.
  8. long range fire

    Where to buy AICS 308 (Rem700) magazines?

    Just wondering where I go to buy some magazines. Does AI sell the magazines directly? And are there aftermarket mags for AICS, or are they crappy?
  9. MrSwede

    Searching for pic of 16.5" rem700

    I'm looking for a picture of a specific rifle. I'm 99% sure I saw it here some months ago, but I can't find it anymore. It was a Rem 700 PSS with a 16.5" barrel and a suppressor on it. It looked supersweet and I'm contemplating copying the setup. I'm looking for that specific picture, but any...
  10. 81sfo

    Gunsmithing Anyone ever seen had problem Rem700?

    I bought a New 308 rem700 action,some months ago here on the hide,dont even remeber from who,but i just recieved my barreld action from RWS and the lip, that is on the bolt way that keeps the follower from coming thru into the top of the action,is missing.Im no way blaming RWS on this ,i truly...
  11. M

    ideas for a rem700 375hh action...

    I'm tired of this rifle constantly kicking my ass, so I'm thinking about a re-barrel. A 7 pound 375hh sounded like a good idea at first... I suppose it would be a good action to build a 338 lapua on, that's the first thing I thought of at least. Any ideas?
  12. P

    Blackhawk axiom vs. B&C A2 stock for rem700 308

    I just bougth a remington 700 sps 308 with the light barrel. I want to replace the stock with something that has a more vertical grip for 200-400 dollars. I would like to keep it below 300 if possible. I am on the verge of ordering either a blackhawk axiom U/L or a B&C A2. Any ideas or...
  13. N

    Gunsmithing 308 barrel on my rem700 300 win mag?

    If the bullets are the same caliber am I able to use any 308 barrel to rebarrel my rem 700 300 win mag or am I missing somthing?
  14. M

    308 load, rem700 5r mil spec, tumbling

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this board. I went to the range today, second trip with this rifle. I was shooting 175smks, Varget, CCI BR, fed brass. Started at 40.0, tumbled. Moved to 42.0, tumbled. Then 43.0, in LC brass, tumbled. I then tried factory gmm 168gr, and that even...
  15. S

    Gunsmithing trueing a rem700. how far do you need to go?

    I was talking to a fella tonight on the phone that seemed pretty knowledgeable about custom rifles and shooting. We were talking about blue printing a rem 700 action, when he stated he doesnt even mess with doing it anymore. He is claiming that it doesnt do anything for accuracy. he said the...
  16. MacMan

    Rem700 trigger advise.

    Any recomendations for an after market trigger for a short action Rem700.Timney,Jewell,Shilen?Rifle is 20" suppressed tactical setup.Chassis has not been chosen. Thank you!
  17. T

    rem.700 VTR or rem 700 SPS Varmint

    hey guys i want to start a new rig but i cant decide what rifle to use. i had a rem 700 vsf .308 it was deadly but had a 26'inch barrel, and i cant deside if i want the 24' inch vtr. or the 26'inch sps.also what is the best ammo choice for both.
  18. G

    Rem700 vs FN SPR

    There's been discussion lately about which action is 'better' to build on. I'm not anti-Remington; but I did say that the FN looked to be more stout. Here's a visual comparison. Let's hear TECHNICAL facts about the pro's and cons of each for a PRACTICAL rifle. Remington700: FN SPR:
  19. Surgeon_Shooter

    xcr tactical rem.700

    this is my friends xcr in .300 win mag. he needs some ideas on a muzzle brake and glass. yall help him out.g[/IMG]
  20. YAOG

    Can you tell age of Rem700 action by serial# ?

    Hey All, I have an old Remington 700 BDL with an "A" serial number. Is there some way to reasonably set the age of an Rem 700 action based on the serial number? TIA