1. H

    How Do I Modify A Savage Rimfire Accurtigger

    I have a Left hand Savage Mark II BTVS .22LR. This is my first savage rifle and so far I like the trigger. Best rimfire trigger I have ever shot but the others are Cooeys and mossbergs. I was shooting today and worked really hard on trigger control. I think this rimfire thing really magnifies...
  2. D

    Remington700 rimfire bolt

    Does anyone know where a rimfire bolt can be bought or anyone who can build a rimfire bolt for a Remington 700 short action? I would like to build a 22 trainer like I have seen here. Thanks for any help or advice.
  3. S

    rimfire chrony results

    Anyone chronny their rimfire rifle or pistol ammo? Maybe we can start a listing for those without chronny's. reports should probably contain the following: caliber(.22Short, .22Long, .22Long rifle, .22WMR .17HMR, .17Mach2) ammo manufacturer ammo brand/model/type rifle/pistol make, model...
  4. T

    Photos my 200 yard rimfire target

    less black area for better focus
  5. JoeMartin

    June '09 Internet 100 & 200 Yard Rimfire Matches

    Ok, here we go again with our monthly rimfire match for June. Good luck everyone! Same rules apply; Rules 100 Yard & 200 Yard - .22LR Rimfire 30 Shot Match Rules; 1. It is open to all Forum members. 2. We will use the A21 Target for the 200 Yard Match, and the TQ-4 Target for the 100 Yard...
  6. JoeMartin

    Sniper's Hide - Rimfire Forum - A#1

    Just want to compliment Sniper's Hide on a great job of making the Rimfire Forum here one of the best I've ever seen! It's packed full of good information and knowledgeable folks. I especially enjoy the long range .22LR posts. Long Range .22LR is a great game to pursue, and the tactical...
  7. USMCj

    First Rimfire Target Rifle Complete! Rem597 Custom

    Ever since I got my Rem597, I have been wanting to upgrade it to a Target rifle to keep up with all of the custom 10/22's out there. The lack of custom parts were getting to me, I almost gave up trying to find a match barrel for the 597, but the little voice in my head told me not to give up...
  8. T

    rimfire pistol opinions...

    i didn't know if i should ask this here or in the sidearm section, but... i found what i think is a deal on a S&W 22a, but was also thinking aboout a ruger mkii. does any body have more input on both of these that has experience with both? the ruger seems like it has more quality to it and has...
  9. ms6852


    I was very skeptical about using this company since there is not a phone listing in their website. Anyway I broke down and ordered the V-Block barrel stabilizer from them on Tuesday 12 May at about 1800 hrs and received it today @ 1300 hrs Thursday May 14. What next!!! This really blew me...
  10. JoeMartin

    May '09 Internet Rimfire Matches - 100 & 200 Yards

    Ok, here we go again with our monthly rimfire match. Good luck everyone! Same rules apply; Rules 100 Yard & 200 Yard - .22LR Rimfire 30 Shot Match Rules; 1. It is open to all Forum members. 2. We will use the A21 Target for the 200 Yard Match, and the TQ-4 Target for the 100 Yard Match...
  11. shooter65

    Rimfire ammo

  12. ranger1183

    Long-Gun Bargains at CDNN — Rimfire and .308 Win

    FWIW - Long-Gun Bargains at CDNN — Rimfire and .308 Win http://accurateshooter.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/long-gun-bargains-at-cdnn-rimfire-and-308-win/ http://www.cdnninvestments.com/dowournewcat.html
  13. Foul Mike

    Old rimfire rounds found in my field

    I am not sure as to where I should post this. You guys in rimfire seem to me to be the more dedicated followers of helping people like me so I will put my post here. I do archaeological research in my local area and have in the past been more interested in lithic, {made from rocks or stone}...
  14. R

    .22 rimfire upper for AR15

    Who makes a decent, .22 upper for an AR15, with timely delivery? It doesn't have to shoot 1/2" at 100 yards, but, I want decent accuracy. I've tried a couple of the conversions, but, accuracy sucked. I'd really like to actually practice a little with my ARs without having the expense and noise...
  15. dnj42230

    practical rimfire scopes

    First off, my objective is to learn, with my son, how to shoot long range. We have a lot of experience shooting rifles pistols etc... but have never really got into the art of shooting long. So once my son expressed an interest, that was it. Easy decision really since I've always wanted to...
  16. bohem

    Rimfire Postal Match

    Reading on here gave me some ideas about starting up a postal shoot with my friends and family. Here's a copy of the rules that I worked out with my dad and 1 friend. Seems like a cheap easy way to have some fun. Ideally, I'd like to change the distances to 50, 100, 200 yards but most of us...
  17. P

    US Optics on rimfire rifles... Over the top? :D

    Hello all, Got a USO 3.8x22 coming in a couple of months, but since I don't have a big boys' rifle to mount it on just yet, was thinking about putting it on a Sako Quad 17HMR I should get soon in the mean time... What do you guys think? I've seen a 10/22 with USO mounted on top... If you have...
  18. Sgt. 0811

    Rifle Scopes I need a good rimfire scope, opinions?

    I am looking for an el cheapo scope to mount on a GSG-5 .22 Preferably under 170.00. Just for plinking and running down prairie dogs when I'm tired of sending centerfire down range. I was looking at Simmons and BSA what do you guys think
  19. A

    25yds to 200yds MOA with rimfire

    I have just acquired a rimfire rifle, that I plan on putting a Weaver T36 scope on. Yes it is a BR rifle. One of the comp's I shoot is at 200m. What I am trying to find out is if the Weaver T36 will have enough adjustment to get there. I know I can punch into ballistics programs, but I would...
  20. D

    $400 budget for rimfire glass.....Which glass?

    Got several cz's laying around with nothing on top and cant really decide what to go with. Figured 3-9-40 was a good starting point. Then reticle? Then manufact? And so on? Would appreciate hearing what seems to be the norm for other peoples rimfires choice of optics. Thanks Folks