1. L

    Looking to trade Viperskins: Pistol Grip for Thumbhole stock (Roedale, Tikka T3, .308)

    I have a Tan Pistol Grip Viperskin for my Roedale stock (fitted to a Tikka T3 .308). I like it fine, but I am really after a thumb-hole Viperskin stock. I am slo open to other configurations that I can't name but have seen. I thin the pistol grip is probably the more intelligent...
  2. R

    Roedale precision/pete lincoln

    Anyone heard from roedale/Pete lincoln lately,i've been trying to get a hold on them here on this forum and at Roedale for almost two weeks now,but it seem that they will not, or can not answer e-mails Anyone knows
  3. P

    Roedale Precision RCS T3 Chassis System

    Guys we are nearing the end production phase of the next batch of Tikka T3 chassis systems. They will be back on sale in the webshop this week and we are taking orders. They should be ready for delivery in 6 week, but we will have a 6-8week delivery tag on them just to give us breathing space...
  4. beenjammin

    Roedale precision stock on a Tikka T3 tactical

    I currently own a AIAw, but jus cant keep my eyes off the tikka t3 in one of those RCS stocks. I have never fired a tikka t3 but have read so much good about them, minus the stock. I have owned a trg 22 and loved it. I guess my question is: How does the tikka trigger and action compare directly...
  5. SurgeonPredator

    The Roedale Surgeon - A Fairytale for the Patient

    Once upon a time there was a young lad who went out to seek his holy grail of precision rifles. Months flew past looking for the right path to follow and eventually, it had to be sometime in late 2006, he stumbled upon an odd yet skilled english craftsman, living in a placed called Oz. This...
  6. G


    Got 2 packages from Pete Lincoln at Roedale.First came the scope, rifle came a little later. The rifle came nicely packeged, this - was inside a box.- Opening the case was a nice surprise, rifle came in a nice TAB cover. It is one of Roedale worked Howas, RH40. RH 40 short action fluted bolt...
  7. E

    Gunsmithing Roedale Mag system Howa

    I'm not the greatest friend of a mag systems for lightweight hunting rifles. If two deer are down I have enough to drag and mostly 2-3 rounds are enough. But mag systems have their good points. I talked to Pete Lincoln of Roedale Precision about his new in house mag system for the howa 1500. He...