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  1. BaconBits

    Crushing powder when seating

    (First post) I am reloading for 308. 208gr hornady eld with Reloader 15 using the hornady reloading manual. About halfway through my powder charge increments, I started hearing a crunching sound as I seated the bullet. I was seating to the same depth, and obviously more powder takes up more...
  2. Hawk45

    Suppressors Project: Safe door handgun storage for $15 (pics)

    So I've been thinking about what to do for a while and finally found a cheap and easy way to make use of the safe door to mount my handguns and free-up more interior room inside the safe. Not to mention it looks cool and makes it easier to find and organize my handguns while keeping them from...
  3. F

    I got a new safe! Now a humidity question

    OK, the only place I could put the safe was the garage. Not my first choice, but well out of site, even form someone standing at the front of the garage. And it is a HEAVY Graffunder bolted down well. But as I live in Houston, humidity is a concern. I have a goldenrod and one of those...
  4. K

    Storing Ammo and Powder in a safe?

    I now have enough ammo and reloading components that I'm concerned about theft and the overall safety of having bulk powder not "secured". I currently have it locked up a in a metal cabinet, but was considering putting it in a safe. This would be a separate safe than my guns, but I was...
  5. krink85

    Range Report Safe place to shoot?

    I will be heading home to Illinois in a few months and I am trying to get a place lined up to shoot. I want to be able to hit further than 500 yards and my father has some property that will allow me to do so. The only thing I am worried about is the only direction I can shoot is inline with a...
  6. S

    Fieldcraft Painting "Safe" and "Fire"

    I tried to do some searching on here to no avail. I'm interested in the proper way to paint the safe and fire on my AR. I've seen some partial information on using Testors enamel but I don't want to start painting until I know its the right way. Thanks!
  7. W

    can I be safe with this?

    Hello, Im wanting to reload some sub-sonic rounds for my 7.62x39 handi rifle to shoot thru my can. Here are the details on the rifle: 16.5 barrel length, 310 dia bore, 1-9 3/4 twist rate the bullets: winchester brass, magnum primers, primer hole opened up to 3.5mm ,7 grains of trail boss...