1. SmokeRolls

    School me on AICS stocks

    I see people mention "1.5" and "2.0" AICS stocks and then i see some folders with the same # "1.5" or "2.0" designation and I just haven't had someone explain what this means.. Also when somebody says skins I'm asuming that you can buy a particular frame and change the "skins" around for color...
  2. ARP

    Photos Old School BDU

    I just finished doing a stock for Hide member Force Multiplier. He wanted it in the old school woodland BDU pattern. I hope you like it FM.
  3. banshee sws

    old school build what caliber?

    okay from a friend , and fellow hide member, i am getting a 1970's model, Winchester 70 long action its an original 22-250 varmint , walnut stock, but i thought of doing either 30-06 or a 6.5x55swede or .308 i have the reloading stuff (bullets, brass, dies, etc., for .308) i do...
  4. hangunnr

    Suppressors Old school fighting knife

    Was digging through some of my stuff around here and came across this knife. I'd completely forgotten about it. I bought this about 25 yrs ago at a gunshow. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife made by G. Ibberson & Co. in Sheffield, England. Would the NATO marking indicate it was an issued item...
  5. rc-junky007

    Gunsmithing gunsmithing school

    ok i am a junior in high school and was wanting to get into gunsmithing but i dont know what the best colleges are. i have done some research but didnt really find much so help is much appriciated. junky
  6. K

    Gunsmithing New Project rifle, for school

    Here's my new project rifle for gunsmithing school. I am going to document as best as I can, all my work done to this rifle over the next year or so. For now, just a new bolt knob, aluminum firing pin shaft and SS pin, upgraded spring, and aluminum anodized shroud. Base rifle, got for $350...
  7. superde

    School me on Winchester 75 Target .22's

    Saw one at my local shop with peep sights and an old leather sling. I think it said made in 1952. It was a little worn from use and had a nice trigger. What can you guys tell me about this rifle?