1. ucsfl05

    Chamber and Saami- shoulder bump problem?

    Hi there, In need of some help. Put on a new proof prefit. Was hard, if not impossible to close bolt on my full length sized ammo. The prefit chamber would accept virgin brass (without bullet). Also, cannot chamber once fired brass from the same chamber. Pics from case gage: Notice the...
  2. S

    6.5x47 and measuring shoulder bump

    I FL size my brass and normally use the RCBS precision Mic. The problem is that RCBS doesn't make one in a 6.5x47. I was wondering what everyone uses to measure how much the shoulder has been bumped? Would the .243 mic work since the .243 and 6.5x47 both have 40 degree shoulders?
  3. stillbuster

    Advanced Marksmanship Shooters shoulder (PAIN!) Help!!!!!

    When shooting PRONE where do you place the top of the recoil pad? Picture (A) deep in the pocket UNDER the collar bone OR Picture (B) in the pocket slightly ON TOP of the collar bone? I tore a muscle or rather where a muscle connects in my shoulder while working out. I have been getting...
  4. cavemanmoore

    Advanced Marksmanship How sore does your shoulder get?

    How sore does your shoulder get after a session at the "range"? I am so sore after the last two weeks sessions, that it hurts to dry-fire my rifle. Seriously. Anyone else experience this?
  5. M

    Rifle Scopes Recoil shoulder on bases ?

    Gents: Have a question in regard to recoil shoulders on scope bases. I've looked at TPs bases and rings, they say thay have a recoil shoulder on their bases to prevent movement during harsh recoil. The quetion is, does this require a clip slotted receiver to be mounted ? If not please explain...
  6. M

    case shoulder resizing

    I just got my Model 700 XCR Long Range tactial rifle in .308. I have some factory ammo that won't chamber. I pulled a bullet and darkened the should and neck area of the case and found that the shoulder of the case is slightly larger as evidenced by a shiny ring were it hits the inside of the...
  7. Mag 300

    bump the shoulder .002???

    just set up some new Gold metal dies RCBS in 338 lapua and took one of the fired catriges from the rifle. Measured the headspace for a marking point using stoney point headspace gage that connects to the 6" starett caliper. read .322 moved the due down and down and down till it toughed the arbor...
  8. S

    Bumping the shoulder on a 6.5x47

    Given the scarcity of 6.5x47 reloading equipment, what is anyone using to bump the shoulder? I use a Redding body die for my 223, but they don't make one for 6.5x47. I have a Sinclair case gauge for 6.5x47 that lets me know if I am in range. After firing 20 rounds of factory Lapua ammo, the case...
  9. pell1203

    How do you bump shoulder a couple of thou?

    Hey guys, need a little help... I'm running .308 brass, originally prepped and trimmed to specs, that have now gone through 5 or 6 firings on the same rifle with only neck sizing in between. I noticed on this last pass that the bolt seemed a little harder to open and close on a handful of...
  10. P

    seating bullet = large bulge below shoulder

    I always feel stupid asking your pros for help, but I gotta learn somehow... I have reloaded 9mm, .223, .22-250 and everything has gone bang just fine. Fast forward to my first attempt at reloading .308 Using Lee dies and my foster co-ax, I made 20 rounds. All brass (once fired FGMM) was...