1. NateSavannah

    Night Vision WTS/ WTT Steiner S35 & C35

    Selling my 2 Steiner Thermals. Just bought a Jeep and need to recoup my down payment. Wanted a new ride more than I wanted to keep my thermals. So the thermals got to go. I opened them, looked thru them. Put them on a couple rifles. Looked thru them. Than took them off and put them back in their...
  2. smokeandmetal207

    Night Vision WTS ATN Thor LT 3-6 160 Thermal LNIB 775

    Bought with hopes of coyote hunting and I'm simply too busy. Probably overpaid @$1100. I'd like to see $900
  3. vvayvvard

    SOLD Steiner Micro Reflex Sight (MRS)

    Pretty neat little made-in-Germany sight that's light and incredibly low profile. Has a 3 MOA dot and a few brightness settings you can cycle through with a push of the button. This sight is very lightly used - mounted and taken on two outings to the range, but is still in pristine condition...
  4. vvayvvard

    SOLD SeeAll Open Sight Tritium-Lit Delta Reticle

    This has been mounted and used a couple times, but is still in perfect condition, no blemishes, scrapes, or dents -- and the tritium still glows. Mounts to picatinny rail. Reticle is the Delta (Triangle). It's a really interesting concept for a sight, but it just wasn't really my thing... but...
  5. Dvando20

    Optics !SOLD! WTS or Trade: Eotech XPS-3 for EXPS-2

    Looking to sell or trade my XPS-3 (NV compatible) for an EXPS-2 (tan or black). Optic was bought 2 years ago, mounted to rifle, and just qualified with for the PD (100-150 rounds). I have no need for NV compatibility and I want buttons on the side for easier manipulation with magnifier along...
  6. Sminja19

    SOLD SOLD NEW Bow Sight HHA Tetra

    Hi all, Selling a brand new, mounted once HHA Tetra Single pin. Phenomenal sight, just don’t have the time to build out a bow like I thought I would. Mounted onto a riser once then taken off. Bought new a month ago for $250, selling for $200.
  7. OpticsPlanet

    SOUSA Optics raid Pistol Dot Sight Sweepstakes

    Enter for a chance to win a SOUSA Optics raid Pistol Dot Sight! Enter by June 14, 2021 See details here:
  8. O

    Accessories Magpul pro rear sight

    Like new Magpul pro rear sight $65 paypal shipped.
  9. Eric_H

    XPS2 sight picture on PTR MP5 Clone

    Anyone ever run this setup? Curious how much of front sight hood is going to be in sight picture. I know it’s a non issue with the raised base of the (E)XPS2 but can’t confirm for the smaller model.
  10. 300WSM

    Suppressors Sig rear sight measurement help

    I'm looking for the distance between the arrows for #1 (space opening in rear sight) and I am looking for the thickness of the white line #2 (red arrows) This is from a 229. Thanks!
  11. P

    Gunsmithing SMLE No.1 MK III rear sight removal help

    Got a SMLE in good shooting condition for nothing and it looks like a good gun for my "Truck gun" project. Going to duracoat, do a scout scope base and shorten the barrel, but I was wondering how to get the rear sight off. Looks like if I remove the cross pin, top screw and possibly add some...
  12. ranger1183

    Rifle Scopes Windage adjustable AR front sight

    Is there such a thing as a Windage adjustable AR style <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">FRONT</span></span> sight? I'm looking for something that can be attached to a Picatinny rail and folding if possible. Yeah, I also laughed when I first tried to find one...
  13. F

    Training around Las Vegas? Front Sight?

    I will be out in Vegas in March and was wondering if there was any good play places to take classes on tactical carbine or precision rifle. I have looked at Front Sight, but am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!! If front sight is all there is, does anyone...
  14. J

    Question regarding AR15 front sight compatability

    This is what my AR looks like now minus optics: Would this front sight/carry handle combo work? It seems like the carry handle could fit on the Picatinny, but how would the front sight be attached...
  15. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Glock Front Sight Screw

    Is the head on the screw that holds in an aftermarket front sight on a Glock 3mm or 3/16"? Thanks.
  16. smith934

    DPMS LR308 - Initial Sight In & Break In ?

    I bought a new DPMS LR308 and I'm going to the range this weekend. I have a large quantity of 7.62 surplus ammo (Port, Hirtenberger and Radway Green) and am wondering if it would be ok to use it for the initial sight in and for barrel break in. Any recomendations would be appreciated.
  17. M

    Suppressors Sight choices for Mossberg 590

    I built up a 590 with a bunch of cool stuff, Mesa stock adapter, Mesa shell holder, CAA CBS stock, Magpul Moe grip, Mesa rail... I'm up in the air on what do to for sights or a red dot type sight. Can I get some opinions ?
  18. S

    Rifle Scopes Adjustable objectives and sight picture

    I don’t have much experience with variable power scopes and adjustable objectives. I have noticed that dialing out the parallax creates fuzziness around the outer edges of the field of view. It is clear with good resolution for about 75% of the field of view (center), and a “fuzzy doughnut”...
  19. D

    Suppressors lam sight for H&K M23

    does any one know where i can get a laser sight to fit the H&K M23 pistol?
  20. B

    Rifle Scopes Help needed on setting up scope, sight, etc

    Guys, I'd like to get this right the first time. So far I've taken all sage advice and am now asking for your help on scope/ sight(s). The platform is an Armalite in .308. Scope is an US Optics SN3 TPAL 3.2-17, 44mm low profile. Looking for the right mount; Larue has been suggested. Also...