1. ShotgunDiesel

    WTB Whidden FL 6 creed sizing die

    Looking for the ffl click sizer. Let me know
  2. J

    RCBS X-Die Experiences

    Has anyone tried the RCBS X-Die in the realm of precision shooting? I've been using it for a couple months with .308WIN and I'm liking it so far. I was wondering if anyone else has ever used these for a precision load, and if so, what were your thoughts? If you haven't tried them, then maybe...
  3. 308Dude

    Gunsmithing Muzzle brake sizing

    How do you decide which size muzzle brake to buy? There's always a choice for diameter and thread count, for example 5/8"x24. I have a 308 with final bbl dia 0.820"
  4. Msprink05

    Full length vs neck sizing

    This has probably been covered but i need some quick info. Im going to order a set of dies for a project rifle im working on in 243. Since it is my only 243 would it be better to order a fl die set or a neck sizer die set? Since its only really going to be a hunting rifle im looking at the lee...
  5. lordt313

    Neck Sizing question

    I am still new to reloading and have a general question: for high quality ammo is it necessary to full length size each time? I have heard talk of neck sizing only. Is there a special die that is a neck sizer only? Can anyone point me in the right direction? As it stand now I full length...
  6. 264win

    sizing 300 saum to 7mm saum

    just got my 7mm saum from benchmark barrels. in cant wait to try it out. problem is when i size my norma 300 saum brass down to 7mm it leaves a rinkle at the base of the neck . im usung redding bushing dies. the neck die and the fl die do the same thing .do i need to use non bushing dies ? or...
  7. mdesign

    Small base .223 sizing die.

    I am in the market for a set of .223 dies for my AR and am thinking of getting a small base sizer. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Jumper

    Partial neck sizing

    I normally neck size my .308 cases with a Lee Collet Die and I wanted to try partial neck sizing to see if it improved accuracy. I took some Federal cases and turned the necks a little to clean them up and partial neck sized them with a Redding Type S bushing. I loaded up these cases and and...
  9. J

    sizing die question

    I've recently had a 6.5x47 built and have been working on adjusting the full length sizing die for a minimal shoulder set back. I've simply used the "resize fired case, clean case, attempt to chamber, adjust the die down slightly, resize, etc" method until I achieve no major resistance when...
  10. P

    Imperial sizing wax question

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, I tried this tonight for the first time. WOW! I love this stuff! I sized and deprimed about 50 cases in less time that I could have lubed, dried, then resized using my Dillon Spray Lube. I am a believer...
  11. N

    neck sizing in an ar15

    im looking at buying a match grade ar barrel and most come with a matched bolt. im being told by some vetern shooters i can neck size with that there any more opinions on this logic.
  12. S

    6.5CM neck sizing die??

    IS there a neck sizing die for the 6.5 creedmoor? I cant find one. I have the hornady die set but it doesnt list or show just a neck die. My rifle is shooting really well with full length sizing, but i just wonder how much better it would shoot with just sizing the necks. Anyone know anything i...
  13. bohem

    Tumbling loaded rounds to clean sizing lubricant

    I've heard very negative things can happen when you tumble loaded rounds. Not from them "going off" in the tumbler, but because the tumbling action can act as a mill and change the powder, instead of a rod powder you can end up with a fine ball dust powder adn the burn rate is extremely high...
  14. syme71

    Neck Sizing & OAL questions...

    Finally got my Redding T7 installed. New to rifle reloading Have a few questions. Components are 308 Lapua brass/175 SMKs/Fed primers I have Lapua brass. Using the TiN coated Redding .335 neck sizing die. How far down the neck should I be sizing? 1/2 way or just above the shoulder or ...
  15. R

    Expander ball on a neck sizing die?

    I noticed that my Redding neck sizing die came with the expander ball on the decapping rod. Do you guys run the ball through after neck sizing? Seems counter productive to me. Especially when using a sized neck bushing. But, on the flip side I can see how it would provide more consistent...
  16. S

    Rifle Scopes Help with Scope Cover Sizing

    I'm trying to order a set of Buttler Creek Flip up scope covers. The problem I'm running into is I can't figure out the correct size. The scope I'm using is a Nikon 4 - 16 X 42. The objective O.D. size is 49.3mm and the eyepiece O.D. size is 44mm. The fit chart for Buttler Creek doen't have...
  17. 19818119

    Neck Sizing

    Gents, when neck sizing how much of the neck do you resize? I've noticed some resize the full length of the neck, others half etc. I'm interested in what some of you do and why? Cheers Rath
  18. F

    sizing dies.

    I already have an RCBS micrometer. seating die. But I need a sizing die. What are you guys using?? Anyone using an x-die for thier bolt gun?
  19. H5N1

    Sizing Die?

    I'm getting new dies(been borrowing).It looks like I'm going to go with a Wilson micrometer seating die,what do you like for resizing dies? I didn't see a set for this seating die. Thanks for your time
  20. Phylodog

    Stupid question time - Neck sizing

    I'm getting started loading for my .223AI. I'm new to neck sizing and was wondering about lube. I use imperial sizing wax when bumping the shoulder on my .308 brass, should I be using it on the necks of the .223? I tried a couple dry and they seem to size easily without anything on them but I...