1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Magpul MS4 sling - $45 shipped

    Got an almost new Magpul MS4 sling with QD in black. $45 shipped conus.
  2. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling- LNIB $80 shipped

    AG Multicam PR sling with QD swivels. This has been out once and then stored. It’s like new in box. $80 shipped conus. PayPal f&f, Venmo, or you cover PayPal fees.
  3. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND: Armageddon Gear precision rifle sling

    Looking for one with QD attachments, preferably multicam. Let me know what you got!
  4. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD FS: Magpul MS4 sling

    Excellent condition, Ranger green $55 tyd conus, Venmo or Paypal F&F
  5. Gunfighter716

    Accessories FOUND: SAP Positional Sling

    Looking for a Short Action Precision Positional Sling in great condition preferably in OD Green.
  6. Gunfighter716

    Accessories SOLD: BFG Vickers VCAS Sling Unpadded

    Blue Force Gear VCAS Sling in ATACS camo in new condition. I picked this up back when I got into ARs and never used it. Includes the Quick Release Buckle attachment add-on. Doesn't include the sling attachments (e.g. QD flush cup swivels). Price is $50 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  7. Tai_Mai_Shu

    SAKO TRG Sling Removal Question

    Hi, I just got my TRG 22 in today. I want to remove the sling assembly that is along the side of the barrel. My question is, did anyone else try removing this piece of metal from the rail. I was able to finally get one of the two screws loose, but the other one is really on there. When I...
  8. K

    Advanced Marksmanship summer shooting sling with M1A

    I have always used a sweat shirt, under a GI shooting jacket.. all I am getting older, and don't compeat...I want to shoot question is what do you use on your sling arm in the summer..I shoot GI web slings...long sessions tend to give me arm pinch and fatigue with nothing...
  9. K

    Gunsmithing McMillan HTG / Wichita Sling Swivel Question

    I have a McMillan HTG stock that's factory equipped with Wichita sling swivels. My question is, can I replace the Wichita's with regular sling studs?
  10. C

    Looking for a sling...

    Im looking for a sling for this rifle... My grandfather has a Old brown leather sling with clips on it I believe he got it in when he was in the USMC Sorry for the lack of information but maybe someone might be able to help...
  11. garrett

    SKT Industries AR-15 Sling!!

    Boooyah. I finally found the sling I wanted, the sling to end all slings. At least for me, but i thought i would pass on the word for a guy who makes a damn good product. Its made by a local guy, Scott Carlile in Seattle, WA. Was only 25 bucks and I think its probably the best sling I...
  12. insectguy

    TRG-22 sling help

    On either side of the butt of the TRG, there is a hole with a screw adjustment in it. Since the screw will adjust to either side of the stock, my assumption is that is to lock a sling swivel into place. Is this correct? What sling swivel works here?
  13. paraman1

    Gunsmithing Sling studs for an AR

    I have a Free float tube on my AR-15 that has a 1/4 inch hole at the end for a sling stud . I searched around on Brownells and couldn't find anything that I could use to attach a sling stud so I can mount my Harris bipod on it . Can someone help me locate what I am looking for or does it not exist ?
  14. srtsam

    what is the correct sling used on the early m40

    Okay, I recently got the remington commemorative m40. I ordered the green leupold scope and badger retro rings. I was thinking about going authentic but decided against it as it is on a commemorative rifle. Anyway, the rifle comes with a nylon sling in the box. I am wondering what was the...
  15. H

    64 MPR flush cup sling swivels

    Part 3 in my mini-series Adding sling swivels to my Annie. I like flush swivels, and a lot of them, on my guns. I'm gonna add 6 to this one. This was the scary part, swiss cheesing the pretty stock..... Mix up some Accra-glas epoxy and glue them all in, make SURE they are all slightly...
  16. C

    tactical sling

    I am looking at TAB and TIS sling to your opinion for tactical shooting which on is preferable thank you.
  17. N

    Sling and shooting positions?

    How has sling and shooting positions changed from these 1942 training films? Army Marksmanship
  18. P

    Gunsmithing Sling swivel studs and backers like this, where???

    Looking for a source of sling swivel studs and backers like seen on this GAP rifle.
  19. btc624

    AI sling on a TRG?????

    Does anyone know if the nylon AI slings will work on my TRG? The sling has those snap clips and I was wondering if they would fit through the the stock sling attachment loops on the trg
  20. A

    Dumb question about shooting sling use

    After searching the Forums for a while I couldn't find an answer so I'm asking now. While using a shooting sling do you have to adust it for each position ( sitting, kneeling, prone)? Cause when I sling up for sitting and kneeling its really steady and not too hard to get into. But, when I go...