1. R

    If you could start over...

    Realistically anyone can, but I pose this as a hypothetical question. Looking at your personal collection/arsenal/arms-locker if you could start over what would you have? The choices would be any gun that was ever produced to anything in production now that is within your present financial...
  2. N

    Hunting & Fishing The kids start younger every year!

    I knew I shouldn't have got the block with viagra supplement in it.
  3. B

    Where to start OAL or powder charge?

    I am new to reloading and now that I have a couple hundred rds through the barrel I want to try to find what it really likes. I have a Remington 700 5R, .308, 24", 1:11.25 twist. If I load to the standard 2.80 OAL I am jumping .155 with SMK 175's and .139 with Scenar 155's. So, my question...
  4. N

    Maggie’s Just start reading these, they are funny.
  5. G

    Maggie’s They Start So Early

    She's going to make some poor guy miserable in about 19 years.
  6. desertrat1979

    Bad start to my weekend

    I just ruined my last 500 CCI large rifle primers. They were sitting on a shelf in the cabinet with a milk jug that had water and window tint solution in it. Mysteriously the fucking jug got a hole in the very bottom. The damn box soaked all the way through, the packs were soggy, when I opened...
  7. H

    Should I start looking for a trigger now for my 5R

    I have a new Mil Spec 5R in 223 on its way. I assume it has the new Xmark trigger. I have read mixed reviews on this trigger. My question. Should I give this trigger a chance, or maybe have it massaged, or should I immediately start looking for an aftermarket or worked over old style rem 700...
  8. H

    Getting ready to start loading 223 seriously.

    I have loaded a bit a of 223/556 for ARs. But never really loaded for LR precision. I was fortunate enough to order one of the new Rem 700 5R Mil Spec and a Premier 3-15 to sit on it. So, I am getting ready to start loading for LR in 223. The components I have on hand are Varget, 4-5 boxes of...
  9. J

    Precision Target/Varmint Build, Where to Start?

    So after selling some things off, and talking with my father he finally wants to get a precision/target/distance varmint style AR! I myself have a bushmaster Varminter 1:9 twist which will be used for shots inside 400 yards on varmints. Now I have been trying to talk the father into something...
  10. sv650_pimpin

    Photos ready to start?

    I think im ready to start trying to reload...
  11. Turk10mm

    Brand New Reloader - and I can't even start!

    So, all my reloading gear has either arrived or is arriving. I've got 300 federal match 308 cases tumbled and half way prepped. I've got powder, bullets, and just about everything..... except some damn PRIMERS! I can't find anywhere in Houston that has primers. This is rediculous. I live...