1. J

    Firearms Surgeon 308 Scapel

    Hi guys! So my friend is the one that told me about all the real shooters on here so pardon if i miss anything. I have a semi new surgeon scapel chambered in 308 with a NF 5.5-22with level. AWESOME rifle. About 300 rounds through it but ….. i live in the communist republic of Illinois -_-. So...
  2. PRCHunter

    SOLD **PRICE DROP** 6CM BNIB Proof Q fix barrel

    For sale: BNIB 6CM 1:7.5 twist proof research Q fix barrel. 24” length. $925 OBO shipped or trade towards a new or like new surgeon 591 RH std bolt face
  3. G

    Accessories Manners T4A Elite Tatical Carbon Fiber Stock

    Manners carbon fiber stock R700 SA clone had a defiant action and heavy Palma barrel in its. For sale like new condition cut for surgeon bottom metal Asking $700 OBO for the stock $200 for the bottom metal PayPal FF or Venmo Thanks
  4. Q

    Left Hand Sale Surgeon 591 LH in Manners with 2 Barrels

    Surgeon 591 lefthanded w/small firing pin, trigger tech diamond trigger and 2 barrels, Manners T5A bedded for action, 350-3 times fired cases and die set. The bipod and scope DO NOT come with it. Load used in attached photo was 38.3gr h4350 with 105 berger hybrids out of the xc barrel. 6xc -...
  5. A

    Accessories Pre 2014 AX AICS Chassis for Long Action

    Used Pre 2014 AX AICS Chassis for Long Action. Was used on Surgeon 1086 action. Should work with Remington 700 clones. Comes with Saw Tooth Arca rail. Has a cut out on the fore end (see photo). Price $1,050. Shipping CONUS.
  6. P

    Firearms Custom Gradous Rifles 6.5 cm - Surgeon 591 / BM, Jewell Triggers, McMillan A-5, Cerakote

    Times are tough, gotta let go of one of my favorites. 6.5cm on a Surgeon 591 action, custom built by Robert Gradous. I bought this rifle on SH a couple years ago and have unfortunately not had much time behind it, but the time I did have was incredible. I am waiting to confirm all of the build...
  7. Lucks

    Left Hand Sale SOLD

    RIFLE SOLD!!! Thank you Chris! I’m selling a lefty 6.5 creedmoor I had built to be a short, handy, suppressed hunting rifle but this rifle could work as a match rifle too. It was built by Aaron Roberts with Roberts Precision Rifles. No expense was spared and all the work is world class...
  8. 20XI

    20-X Industries - Adjustable Firearm Support - Path Forward? - Now with Demo Videos

    Update 2/18/2020 I finished the demonstration videos sooner than I thought I would. Please find them below and let me know what you guys think about the functionality of my AFS. Also, I know everyone isn't on the Hide. If you don't mind pass along the YouTube links to your friends/fellow...
  9. J

    Bottom Metal for M5 Inletting. Badger or Hawkins or... Surgeon?

    I have a 6.5 PRC build in play and my new Manners PRS1 was just delivered. The action is a Terminus Zeus with a Proof Carbon 24" and I was planning to purchase a Surgeon BM, but I am kicking myself because I did not double check the order that my builder placed and the stock is inletted for an...
  10. L

    Accessories Sold

    I have a used Manners T4A Carbon Elite stock, Surgeon bottom metal (mag not included), pillar bedded by Jon Beanland for an Impact 737 action. Includes Area 419 Arca rail and 2 round holder. Asking $850, includes shipping and insurance. no trades.
  11. S

    WTS: Surgeon Scalpel 6.5CM, NF Beast, everything you need in one spot!

    Hello all, Closing out my long kit, time for this stuff to go to a good home as it's no good to me sitting here. Pics of everything can be found here - Pics are cool!! I'm selling everything as a complete kit. All y'all know how hard it can be to break stuff up. If you want a piece then buy...
  12. L

    Gunsmithing What size bolt face for 338 lapua?

    Hey y'all, I'm looking at doing my first custom rifle build. The plan is to build a 338 lapua. Looking for any advice I can get. So far, all I've decided is that I want to go with a McMillan stock, Surgeon Rifles action, and I'm leaning towards a night force scope. Which brings me to my...
  13. Jackie_Daytona

    MDT Tac21 Chasis and aftermarket actions

    Anyone know if any aftermarket actions fit or if the MDT can be cut to fit aftermarket actions such as Spiller, GAP Templar, or Surgeon? Or is it solely made to fit Rem 700? I would assume that, because of the integrated rail on the Templar or Surgeon for example, the MDT would not accept...
  14. Jackie_Daytona

    Question Over Actions and Coatings

    Hello member, longtime reader. I have a question to those owners/operators on Surgeon vs Templar actions. Before anyone face palms, I've done as much searching and research as I can, to no avail. What I have determined is that, both actions are good and I couldn't go wrong with...
  15. M

    custom vs bought?

    I am wanting to get my first high end precision rifle. I have shot many different rifles in all different calibers but want to shoot further and with a lot nicer rifle than I am used to. So my question is, what does everyone think of building your own custom rifle vs buying say a surgeon. I was...
  16. junglerogue

    First batch of 308 reloads, and out to 1000 meters with pics

    Pretty sure this is my first "official" post on the hide. Wanted to share the results of my reloading efforts through my rifle. Details are as follows: Rifle: Surgeon 591 action Bartlien 22" 5R barrel with 1:11 RH twist McMillan stock Nightforce F1 "Army Spec) 3.5-15X50 Round: 175 SMK...
  17. D

    In stock Surgeon 591r action distributors?

    I've been looking, can't seem to find a Surgeon 591r action in stock anywhere...perhaps somebody knows something I don't, or has the name to a Surgeon distributor, or maybe has one laying in their garage. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. H

    Gunsmithing Oversized Actions for 338 Lapua?

    I'm looking at options for a 338 LM build. I would like to get the strongest action (not in terms of action flex but barrel shank thickness and length). Badger m2008/m2013 1 1/16" diameter, ?? long BAT HRPIC 1 1/8" diameter, ?? long Defiance Deviant LA 1 1/16" diameter, ?? long Rem 700...
  19. Tactical30

    New Surgeon RLR Action

    <span style="text-decoration: underline">I am putting a Custom rifle together: <span style="font-style: italic">.300 Win. Mag.</span></span> Mcmillan A-5 stock Badger Ordnance bottom metal Nightforce Optic Badger USMC Rings Krieger MTU barrel Badger Ordnance FTE muzzle brake Custom Paint Tune...
  20. USMCj

    Gunsmithing Need help modding MCM A5 for Surgeon *Pics Added*

    Hi guys, I finally got my MCM A5, and Im trying to fit my Surgeon RSR action into the stock. I spent 20 minutes inletting the recoil lug area to accept the Surgeon .3" recoil lug. Now I need to make a releif cut for the Surgeon side bolt release, does anyone have any pics of a McMillan A5...