1. 4

    take a vote m2008 vs. surgeon xl

    If you were to build a 338 lapua mag what action would you chose and why?
  2. SAKOstalker


  3. USMCj

    Surgeon Round Acton ?????????'s

    I have a Surgeon round action on order and I had a few questions for those of you that have one. Is the recoul lug that comes with the round action the same thickness as the built into the 1 peice action? Are the external dimensions of the round action identical to the 1 piece action? does...
  4. S

    GAP vs. Surgeon

    My father is interested in getting a .338 Lapua. I looked around a little found that GAP and Surgeon make these. How would you rate these two against each other? I realize GAP uses the Surgeon action for the .338 Lapua, who do you think puts a rifle together better? Also how does the Sako...
  5. psinclair

    Gunsmithing Painting a Surgeon 6XC

    When painting up a barreled action what do you use to mask off the places you dont want covered? lug area, scope lenses, turrets, crown. is there a special tape for this or am i GTG with any old tape i have laying around? Thanks guys!! Im a rookie painter!
  6. 4

    surgeon action

    are all surgeon action the same dimensions and can they be used as a switch barrel rifle.
  7. 4

    aics an surgeon xl action

    has any one used the surgeon xl action and aisc stock?
  8. Surgeon_Shooter

    My new surgeon remedy!!!!! group shot also!

    this is a few pics of my new surgeon remedy in .338 lapua.It features a mcmillan A-5 stock,28" krieger in 1-9.5 twist,sure fire brake,harris swivel bipod,leupold mark 4 high rings and a night force 5.5x22x56 with np-r1 reticle.The group shot below is 3 shots at 100yrds off a bipod.The reason i...
  9. trpr154

    I'm purchasing a Surgeon Remedy (have a ?)

    I just put half down on a new Surgeon Remedy 338 Lapua rifle. I need to decide which Mcmillan stock to use. If anyone has opinions on Surgeon rifles, owns one and can post pics. I need to figure out which stock, and metal finish with it. These are the three possibilites Surgeon has in stock for...
  10. Nocalphoenix

    Surgeon Round action photos

    Well here they are. Action came disassembled but I did throw the firing pin and shroud onto the bolt. I went with the standard Surgeon bolt handle and no base yet. Scope base holes are set to the standard Remington short action spacing and have two small holes to pin the rail as well. The lug is...
  11. K

    New Surgeon XL...almost complete

    After a year accumulating parts and grabbing a new barrel from a member here on the hide, my .338 Lapua is a little closer to completion. Just arrived from Surgeon yesterday; six week build time from them. Specs: Surgeon XL Action 27" Fluted Kriger BBL; 1/10 Twist Remington 700 Trigger @ 3lbs...
  12. N

    GAP .308 built with a Surgeon action in an MCS GAT

    It took just shy of a year, but I am very happy with the build. I was in Kansas City last year working on a project, and I stopped in to visit the shop, and met George and his crew. A good friend of mine, M.45 here on the 'Hide, has a sweet .308 GAP that I have shot on a few occasions, and...
  13. P

    Surgeon XL Standard mag & CIP ?

    If you have a Surgeon XL not built into a rifle can you simply exchange your standard bottom metal and mag box for a CIP length magazine ? Or is there action work that needs to be completed. If not I am seriously considering the .338 Norma mag. My action is already in the country either in...
  14. KYS

    Surgeon Scalpel 308 - SWR Omega 30 - new toy

    After about 15 weeks of waiting on this suppressor and almost an equal time of wait on the rifle I finally have it put together. This is a Surgeon Scalpel in 308win, it has a McMillan A5 adjustbale stock with Surgeon DBM. Also its wearing a KMW bolt knob and black cerakote finish on the metal...
  15. Surgeon_Shooter

    Surgeon rifle pics

    My surgeon remedy is getting built as we speak and I'm all fired up about it and wanted to we some of ya'lls surgeons that you built or had built.Post pics if you gotem.
  16. psinclair

    new GAP .338 surgeon build

    hey folks, just picked up this bad boy last thursday and its finally broke in. has 50 rounds through far its shooting the 250 scenar real good. will try the 300 grain scenars after testing a few more powders with the 250s.
  17. P

    Stock Choice for Surgeon 6.5x47 build ??

    I have chosen the action and barrel; as above its a surgeon short action with surgeon bottome metal and will wear a Lilja 28" 3R 8 twist tube finished at .950" at the muzzle The stocks I am considering are; Mcm A5 manners T2A manners T4A What would you choose and why ?? any chocies I have...
  18. P

    Any pics of Surgeon bottom metal ?

    Just wondering if anyone has pics and how it compares to Badger stuff ??
  19. CoryT

    AIG's modular stock for the Surgeon XL - w/pics

    Having had the system for a while now I thought I'd post this to the group. The rifle pictured is a Surgeon XL action, barreled by Preston with a Bartlien 1 in 9.438 27.5" MTU contour. It's installed in the prototype SABER-FORSST modular stock from Ashbury International Group. The suppressor...