1. USMCj

    Gunsmithing Need help modding MCM A5 for Surgeon *Pics Added*

    Hi guys, I finally got my MCM A5, and Im trying to fit my Surgeon RSR action into the stock. I spent 20 minutes inletting the recoil lug area to accept the Surgeon .3" recoil lug. Now I need to make a releif cut for the Surgeon side bolt release, does anyone have any pics of a McMillan A5...
  2. glock24

    Surgeon SA versus Lawton 7000

    Quite a price difference I know, but I'd like to get some opinions on why I should consider going one way and not the other. Obviously the Surgeon's integrated recoil lug and rail are very nice options, but is that the crux of what the extra expense gets me? Or is there more to it? What about...
  3. Seuss

    Range Report Surgeon round action 260 Rem range report

    Guys, Will try to keep this short. Got the Surgeon round action in the group buy, had a 6.5 Krieger I won and a Rock from the group buy. Had the gun built locally by Clarence Hammonds, shot the May Reade match w the Rock + my Shark can using 100 yard data from one range trip, was 4th after day...
  4. P

    Anyone built hunting rifle with Surgeon XLaction

    Anyone bult a hunting rifle with this action ? thinking of a "Non Typical" style rifle in .300 winnie etc. scope is 3.5-15x50 NXS
  5. KYS

    Can you hear me now? Surgeon 300WSM

    Thought I would post this picture up. I just got the rifle back from Surgeon on Thursday and wouldnt you know it, that USPS dropped off my paperwork today for my Quicksilver Manufacturing Titanium Can. Im running a USO SN3 Tpal scope and TPS low rings. Very happy with the rifle and the quality...
  6. SurgeonPredator

    The Roedale Surgeon - A Fairytale for the Patient

    Once upon a time there was a young lad who went out to seek his holy grail of precision rifles. Months flew past looking for the right path to follow and eventually, it had to be sometime in late 2006, he stumbled upon an odd yet skilled english craftsman, living in a placed called Oz. This...
  7. sommers

    Roscoe built Surgeon 308

    Just wanted to give a shout out to William Roscoe for doing a build for me. After talking with William over the phone about the build, we finally decided on a Surgeon RSR in .308 Win. 1995 Palma chamber, 20" Hart, McM HTG, with a Rifle Basix trigger and OD kote on the metal parts. After...
  8. T

    AI AW or Surgeon scalpel (308)

    I have plenty of 700s siting in the safe. I know that these are two differnt setups. I also will get rid of them one day,so which one will hold value better? I have never shot out a barrel or abussed a rifle in the past. Maybe I should be more focused on getting real job?
  9. P

    Seekins .338 metal go on Surgeon XL

    Can Seekins .338 Bottom metal be adapted to fit on to a surgeon XL ?
  10. P

    Seekins Bottom Metal for Surgeon XL Action

    These mags have longer OAL yes ? Can these be adapated to fit a suregeon XL and a manners T4A thats made for the bottom metal that the Surgeon XL comes with ?
  11. 19818119

    Surgeon Switch Barrel

    Gents, Are any of you running switch barrel setups on your surgeon (or other) actions? Which calibers are being used and what is involved in the barrel changing process? I have a surgeon build underway and I'm wondering if the switch option is worth exploring. Thanks in advance, Rath
  12. 19Scout77

    Surgeon BM on HTG/M40 A1

    Anybody using a surgeon BM on an HTG/M40A1? If so, how's it working and can you post a pic please? TIA.
  13. trpr154


    Just need to get to the range.
  14. selfbowhunter

    308 on SURGEON RSR finished

    Surgeon RSR receiver Mcmillan thumbhole stock Hollands bottom metal Kreiger 4 groove 1-12 heavy target 25" 308 match .340nk .050 freebore from ptg i wanted the rifle set up for the 155's and possibly 175's on the heavy end. with the sierra 155's, the end of the boat tail is even with the...
  15. C

    Surgeon XL & AICS stock ?

    Hi Guys , I know the AICS stock is about 5 mths OUT , but need a bit of info on BOTH . 1 ) I take it the stock will use a new longer OAL mag ( ie the " 338 CIP " ) ? , is this stock available in 1.5 & 2.0 versions ? 2 ) Is Surgeon changing/modifing the XL to cope with this mag change , and IF...
  16. I

    Gunsmithing Barrell recessed for bolt with a Surgeon SA .308?

    Hi Guys, Given that the Surgeon tread is .950" long compared to the Remy .700" tread, does a barrel which is to be fitted to a Surgeon SA .308 need to be recessed for the bolt/lugs the same as the Remy 700 or can the bolt sit flush? Regards, Irishrifle.
  17. USMCj

    Problem with Surgeon Round action bolt timing?

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  18. Mag 300

    Badger vs Surgeon vs AWM for a 338 lapua?????

    need some help was set on the surgeon action till KYshooter showed off the Badger actions please give me some thoughts? Bill
  19. Nocalphoenix

    Surgeon round inlet question

    Guys, My action is at the smith for the barrel and I have a BC light tactical sitting on the desk. Im still a couple of weeks out but wanted to start on the paint for the stock (Im using air cure cerakote and want the full five days between colors) How much of an inlet do I need off the top of...
  20. George Mac

    Gunsmithing Surgeon DBM in an M5 inlet.

    I got a reply from Surgeon today that putting one of their DBM units in a badger M4/M5 inlet would require a bit of work. Has anyone here done this before and if so, how much work was involved. I picked up a new Baker Special stock from a Hide member and am trying to decide "where" I want to...