1. R

    Form 1 Suppressor Into Existing Trust?

    Okay, I've searched the web, I've checked the ATF site, and I'm still partially confused. If anyone here has actually had an existing firearms trust and then bought/made a suppressor, I'd like very much to hear how you handled it. I currently have a trust with family members, who are scattered...
  2. K

    Suppressors $99 NFA Gun Trust - limited time

    came across this today for anyone looking to setup a trust, great deal. Two colleagues have confirmed this is no scam GEARHOG | 50% - 70% off your favorite outdoors, hunting and fishing gear usually $199 thought I would share
  3. J

    Suppressors attorney in NEBRASKA to set up trust?

    I have tried to do a search for attorneys in nebraska, If anyone knows of any, all info would be appreciated. Also, why don't we have a posting with nothing but Attorneys which will set up Trusts and the price for them in each state? Good advertising for them I would think.
  4. 300WSM

    Suppressors Trust for 2 cans or No Trust?

    Is it worthwhile having a trust if I am just going to own 2 cans? Is avoiding LEO sig, finger prints, and photo worth doing a trust?
  5. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors How many people use Quicken for there Trust?

    Just having some issues with mine got it back from the dealer who has my suppressor and he is saying it needs all kinds of revisions.
  6. H

    Can you trust your rifle to be right?

    In looking over various threads on reloading I have seen questions regarding sizing, hard bolt closing etc. Case in point I have a friend who told me he was having trouble with a 300 Win Mag getting his reloaded ammo to work right. He figured it might be a die problem so he ordered another set...
  7. B

    Suppressors trust question

    I going the way of the trust using quicken will maker. My understanding is you should place something into the trust when you start it. Can I place a silencer into the trust that I already own and have a stamp for? Or is this going to make things more complictated? Thanks
  8. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors Ohio trust

    Does a trust have to be notorized in Ohio to be leagle for a suppresor.
  9. D

    Suppressors Trust Advantages and Disadvantages

    So, what are the advantages and disadvantages to using a Trust to get a suppressor? Thanks
  10. jonaddis84

    Suppressors Specific suppressor Trust question

    Im in the process of making a trust with Quicken Willmaker and its all going quite well, very easy actually. But Im stuck on one part. When you assign the property that will be held in trust. You put the description as ie "Yankee Hill Machine Phantom 7.62 Stainless Rifle Suppressor" right...
  11. leprechaun

    Suppressors NFA Items-How to with a trust

    Now that the change has taken place, I want to get some NFA items before I can't. I have heard that you can do it with a "trust". I am hoping I can get some guidance. What is the benefit of "trust" vs. doing it as a individual? What type of "trust" do you need? I want to get the following...
  12. tim68

    Suppressors Trust wait time

    For those of you who did the trust route for a suppressor, what was your wait time? I'm going on four weeks and was just curious. Waiting patiently for my SWR Omega 30, and my AAC M4-1000-08
  13. K

    Suppressors NFA Trust?

    Anyone set up a trust for their NFA purchase? I have Quicken Willmaker, but would like to find an attorney to go over my application. Anyone in the Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah AO's able to recommend and attorney or actually done one themselves? Thanks in advance.