1. K

    T.I.G.E.R. Valley Bug Out Drill - Oct 2014: Official Thread

    T.I.G.E.R. Valley Bug Out Drill - Oct 2014: Official Thread It’s here again, the 2014 Bug Out Drill, the challenge unlike any other. You’re driving home from work and an EMP strikes, the Russians have detonated several nukes over the United States. The pulse has destroyed all electronics...
  2. M

    Powder valley has Varget

    Just updated as I checked the site. See someone already posted.
  3. beech96w

    S&S Long Range Match - Sept 12 - Tiger Valley

    Can any one elaborate on this match? Course of fire, etc?
  4. D

    Member Link Up Central Cali Hide Members / San Joaquin Valley

    Any other hide members around these parts? I like to shoot with other people, helps me learn. I have exclusive access to 1000-1200 yards and would be open to others shooting here as well. The berms on the 600-1000 yard range are not that tall, so I would ask that you know your dope close enough...
  5. S

    Primers at Powder Valley Wolf all sizes
  6. padronanniversary

    CCI BR2s in stock at powder valley

    shout box informed me CCI BR2s were in stock at powder valley. Had to buy 10k but seems like they are still in stock !
  7. mattsnuked

    Powder Valley has 1lb. Varget in stock

    Thought I would pass it along. Cnote308 also posted this but I didn't see it until now.
  8. clo

    Lapua 155 Scennars 308 @ Powder Valley

    PV has them in stock. Just bought 1k.
  9. M

    Tiger Valley 4-man up-dates

    I will have a sample of the awards we are giving for first through third place at the match. I'm taking pictures of the winning teams and having it etched on black marble. I will mail the awards to the winners when they are done, which should be within the week. Food will be supplied both...
  10. Thud

    Tiger Valley 500 yd practice shoot

    We at S&S have asked TJ to have an F class type open fun shoot on June 20th. He said Yes. So if you are there at 8:00 - 9:00 am come join us. This is just practice time and shoot at 500 yds time.You can shoot in the dirt or bring your own bench as TJ only has a limited supply. Cost is $30.00...
  11. ChadTRG42

    Tiger Valley- Team Sniper Match- September 19 & 20

    I'm in! Tiger Valley's posted info: Team Sniper Match - September 19 & 20 Tiger Valley has just announced the details our September team sniper match. The match will include a prize table. If you are interested in helping promote your business and support the shooting sports, please give...
  12. S

    Powder Valley primers

    Any of you getting primers from PV? Mine have been on back order for about 4 months. I know I'll get them when I get them. Just curious.
  13. Thud

    The Texas S&S Precision Tiger Valley Shoot sign up

    Troops, Here is the signup sheet for the shoot I promised. Please print and send into TJ. Any questions please email me and please send my your email so I can creat a database for emails and stuff about the shoot. Thanks, Lew S&S Precision & Tiger Valley Present the First Tiger Valley Super...
  14. M

    Tiger Valley Team Sniper Match (dates)

    Last years event drew over 40 teams. This year we plan on capping it at 50 teams. Lets hear what date we can do this without cramping the deer hunters or other matches in the area.
  15. A

    Powder Valley removed all primers from site

    Just looked on PV and they have removed most all primers from site while stating a current backorder of 50million. Crazy!
  16. Sawyer

    Powder Valley

    Can someone let me know if they take back orders? I know every one is out of powder (Varget), primers, etc..... I dont mind waiting if they do.... Thanks!
  17. USMCj

    Powder Valley has H1000 in stock 1 & 8 pounders.

    just throught you guys might want to know.
  18. M

    Tiger Valley Open Range

    Tiger Valley well have open training days starting May 2nd, 2009. We hope to have the range open 2 weekends a month. Everything will be open except the shoot house for your use. Tiger Valley is proud of the relationship with SNIPER'S HIDE and those who attend from there. Along that line I...
  19. Mudcat-NC

    Catawba Valley NC 2009 Match Schedule

    These are HP matches BUT George allows scopes if you want to use them but you dont count for awards. Catawba Valley High Power Rifle Match 800 Aggs at 200/300 yards with PITS To be held on the last Saturday of month beginning in March. March 28th; April 25th; May 30th; June 27th; July 25th...
  20. D

    250 scenars bullets from Powder valley?

    Anyone here has recently received shipment of the 250 scenar bullets from Powder Valley? Was told that it should be avail. in late January. Thanks for your help.