1. Spanky88

    Long Range Varminter

    Im looking into buying an AR based varmint setup and was curious of everyones input. A couple that caught my eye was the Stag Model 6, as well as the Rock River Arms A4. I have read many reviews on each and both sound great, but I hesitate to trust some of the online review sources. Anybody have...
  2. P

    Cooper Montana Varminter

    Anybody have a Cooper Montana Varminter? For $1400, this looks like a really good deal. Personally I've never held a Cooper in my hands, was hoping to get some real world feedback. Sorry for all the questions, at some point I hope to actually provide input instead of taking output!
  3. T

    Gunsmithing Rebarreling a RRA 24" Varminter

    I have a RRA Varminter with a 24" barrel with the 1/12 twist have just put about 50rds through it, and wanting to get a more practical barrel, such as 1/8, or 1/9, So I can shoot from 55gr to 77gr. I have found the Wilson barrel quite good, 3/4" gaurantee is real even for me. But am wondering if...
  4. G

    Accuracy International Varminter?

    Did this rifle actually ever exist? Other than this webpage and a brief write up in a '99 issue of Varmintmasters magazine.......has anyone ever seen one?
  5. N

    stag super varminter

    has anyone found a good hand load for this rifle or have any suggestions.24" 1-8 twist.
  6. T

    Rifle Scopes SAVAGE Long Range Precision Varminter -- Mark 4 8.

    I'm trying to assemble my new rifle and so far I've got: Savage LRPV w/accutrigger .223 Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50mm LR/T M1 I've got a place to shoot with a 1200 yard field so I might as well set...