1. W

    Low Velocities After New Barrel

    New here so obligatory apologies if this is in the wrong place. I recently had a Carbon6 barrel made in 6.5 PRC for an old trued 700 short action. 22” 1:7.5 twist, button rifled. It shoots lights out, several groups at 1/4” during break in and sight in. 123 rounds down the pipe as of right now...
  2. bhoges

    Gunsmithing 300 Win Mag/ How does barrel length change velocity

    Pretty cool test my buddy and I conducted with his 300 Win Mag this week. We used a sawzal and hacksaw to cut the rifle from 24in down to 16in. Funny shit, damn did this rifle take a beating. The AI stock and Leupold held up to a ton of abuse. I was sitting on the rifle while he hacked away...
  3. G

    Range Report Muzzle velocity gain or loss with supressor?

    Just wondering if there is a gain or loss when adding a supressor to a 30 cal. rifle On average what do others find as FPS gain or loss. Thanks in advance.
  4. P

    Range Report 338 lapua velocity

    I have been loading 97 gr of h1000 shooting 300gr sierra in lapua brass. My velocity is around 2950fps. Accuracy is ok but I have slight ejector marks. should i back down the load? Is anyone else using h1000 in thier 338 lapua
  5. S

    Velocity check...300WSM

    My chrony is down. I know, buy a new one!!! Someone help me out until I get one. Specs: 26" factory Rem tube, 1-10" twist. Win brass, BR2 primers, 65.4 grs of RE17, 185 Bergers. Whatcha think? Come ups is telling me it's around 3050 fps.
  6. 95LTZ

    Range Report Instrumental to Muzzle Velocity

    Having a little brain fade. Does anyone have the formula handy to convert Instrumental velocity to muzzle velocity? Oehler's program has it but with a fairly new computer & I can't find the disc. Seems to me that it was something like 25 fps for the chrono being 15ft. from the actual muzzle...
  7. glock24

    Are accuracy nodes always the same velocity?

    I have found one accuracy node for my 6.5x47mm Lapua using Berger 130g VLDs. Since they are on back-order, I've decided to test some Hornady 140g A-Maxs. The accuracy node for these A-Max rounds happens to be the same velocity as the 130g Bergers. More powder of course, but the same velocity...
  8. D

    Range Report Annealing and Velocity Change

    I tried my hand at annealing yesterday and I think it turned out pretty good. I had some 6.5-284 brass that had been reloaded 7 times and I had started getting a few split necks so I figured what the heck, the cases weren't going to be any good anyway. Went to range today and I picked up 30 fps...
  9. Captain Moroni

    50 bmg muzzle velocity???

    I am going to WY to shoot some prairre dogs and I am borrowing my bosses AR-50 I need to know the MV of lake city 660 gr. and the BC if you know it Thanks
  10. rero360

    Velocity Q

    I know this is going to sound stupid, but would anyone have an idea at a rough MV for this .308 load? BH brass 175 SMK 42.6gr Varget federal primer COAL 2.808 shot out of a 1/10 24" Hart barrel I know I need to get a chornographer, and I hope to get one once I have a steady flow of income...
  11. N

    Savage .308 10FP 24" Muzzle Velocity

    Went to the Range today to use their Chrono. I was wondering what everyone else is getting for muzzle velocity using the stock 1-10 twist barrel with federal 168gr Match?
  12. E

    which has more value- powder charge or velocity

    TO clarify my question, I'm dropping a "minimum recommended" powder charge as starting point, But my measured velocities are almost at the maximum. I;m trimming cases to .008 under "sierra" manual. Should I be concerned about bullet depth (OAL)? I'm not sure where to look. Thanks
  13. RidgeRebel

    18" 308 barrel velocity?

    I don't have a chonograph so I was hoping sombody might be able to give me some average velocities for Fed GMM 168grn out of an 18" barrel. Or possibly give me an idea of how much velocity is lost going from say a 24" barrel to 18"? Thanks for your help.
  14. L


    Is it common for the speed of a bullit to slow down as the barrel gets more fouled as you shoot? I started my first string of 5 and averaged 2990fps with my .243,115 Dtacs, 2 strings later I was averaging 2960 and 2 strings after that I was averaging 2930.
  15. glock24

    Range Report Velocity Request - Hornady Factory 168g A-Max?

    I'm hoping someone out there is shooting Hornady factory 168 grain A-max or A-max TAP out of a 20" barrel. I'd like to know the average velocity. Thank you
  16. L

    Less powder more velocity?

    Is it possible that a load with less powder 42.8 H4350 vs. 43. would give a greater velocity. And if so why would this be?
  17. Highground

    Range Report 5R Velocity Link?

    Could someone help me with the link that lists muzzle velocities for a Rem 700 5R using Federal 168 GM? I did a search, but can't find it. It had several posts with chrono results. Or, if anyone could throw a few my way.
  18. kyle

    Range Report Velocity Drop With Muzzle Brake

    I just had a Badger FTE brake installed on my 24" .308. I really like the feel of the gun now. The brake has really tamed the "rifle hop" I was fighting previously. I was curious as to the velocity effect on my rounds. I'm running 155 Scenars and Lapua brass, 47.1 gr Varget, BR2 primers. Rounds...
  19. M

    Range Report Velocity, Ballistics for 6.5 Grendal

    I just took my Grendal out for the 1st time and shot it over a Chrono. I am shooting Wold 123 Gr Soft Point Ammo. Average velocity for each of 2 ten shot strings is: 2465 and 2496, What is the BC of this bullet? Is there any free Ballistic Calculators that are good (I am scottish)
  20. fusiachi

    Effect of twist rate on velocity

    Can anyone give me an idea of how much velocity I should expect to lose shooting the same load through a 16" 1:7 barrel as opposed to a 1:12 tube of the same length? I'm only getting 2650fps. from Sierra 55gr HPBTs over 26gr of W748 out of my Sig 556.