1. D

    Looking for a left handed SA stock

    Hey guys. I'll have a left handed r700 SA barreled action (benchmark medium palma) in a few weeks and I'm having trouble finding a stock. Anyone have a lefty stock they would sell? Thanks.
  2. B

    Ruger Mk II or Mk III wanted

    Hiya folks...new guy from South East PA... I posted this on a local fire arms forum, and thought I would try here, apologies if a "wanted" post is bad form for a newbie Ideally, I'm looking for the S/S Government Target Model with the 6-7/8" bull barrel in S/S. From what I understand this...
  3. S

    Feedback wanted on 6.5 Creedoor

    I am looking for feedback from anyone who has experience shooting the 6.5 creedmoor cartridge. How is its preformance Any inherent problems or limitations Thanks
  4. Mag 300

    Wanted Tubb T2K magnum Bolt?

    Anyone know where I can get one ?
  5. C

    French FR F1/2 info wanted ?

    Hi Guys , Any one have any info on these or replica copies made in France etc , I have a MAS36 , and am thinking about one of these IF they are not TOO hard to get . Later Chris
  6. 4570sharpshooter

    Fieldcraft Wanted sniper wallpaper for the computer

    I am not real good at taking pictures and using them for wallpaper, so I guess Im asking where to find a cool wallpaper. Thanks,4570SS
  7. C

    Wanted: opinions of Rem. LTR rifles

    I'm curious as to what all the "experts" on the hide think of the Rem. LTR? Mine is a .308 and it will shoot sub moa at 100 yards when I do my part! That was with a Springfield Armory 4-14x56 on it. I traded that scope off and bought a NF 3.5-15x50 np-r2 which I have yet to mount on it. I know...
  8. Mag 300

    Wanted anyone wanting to dump some 300 gr Scenars?

    let me know if you do Thanks Bill
  9. xxsjj2007xx

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace Wanted

    Does anyone here on the Hide sell these optics. New or used would be fine. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. triggerhappykenny

    .300 weatherby mag opinions wanted

    i just got 1 and im wondering how it will do long range and what is the max range for this gun. its a hunting rifle what all can i get for it to make it a tactical rifle
  11. T

    Rifle Scopes Finally got the scope I wanted last night... Zeiss

    I started with a Nikon Buckmaster, sold it to a buddy and bought a Burris Fullfield 2 and last night finally got the Zeiss Conquest 6.5x20x50. I have to say that the Nikon and Burris worked really well but I wanted a scope I could keep for a lifetime. Comparing this scope to all the Leupolds and...
  12. flims

    Rifle Scopes Wanted : Spotter leupold mk4 with TMR reticle

    as above, pm if you have one.
  13. J

    Wanted .308 and .223 Brass

    THX JH
  14. RemXCR2009

    Wanted 308 win brass any brand

    I am looking to buy some 308 win brass does anyone have any to sell