1. B

    Training Courses June 9th M4/pistol class Mingo Junction OH

    Hello guys and gals, Sorry for the no post count, cant seem to recall my old username and email I used so I got myself a new handle, anyway to the point. This upcoming Sunday, June 9th 2013 at the START (special tactics and rescue training) facility located at 797 Cool springs road, mingo...
  2. GardDog

    Hunting & Fishing Weapon Mounted Video Camera

    I'm looking into either getting a "stand alone" weapon mounted camera like the Epic Stealth Camera or a mount to attach my existing camera like the Deer Ridge Gun and Bow Camera Mount. Anyone have any personal experience with either of these or a similar mount?
  3. jason_mazzy

    Fieldcraft any kryon colors or type you can't use on a weapon

    before I go out and decide to try something creative on my weapon, are there any types of krylon spray paint you can not use?
  4. cz777

    new weapon and will reveiw it later but now

    has anybody look at the YHM ar -15 yet? i have one called yhm specter xl . now the mods have been done are a Jard trigger of 4 pounds and caa stock ,sights are matec rear tory front [hk] . well the range time will be the other test but yellow tavern shop look over the rifle and the gun smith...
  5. Controlled Chaos Arms

    Gunsmithing AR 10 based weapon's magwell dimensions...

    i ran across a couple of large sheets of delrin at a sale and i'd like to build some fixtures for some of my projects. i have all of them in the bad with a couple exceptions... can any of you measure up the magwell dimensions of an Armalite AR10, the DPMS LR308 unit, and if you're one of the...
  6. paraman1

    Suppressors Holster to accomodate Glock with weapon light

    Looking for a holster that will accomodate my G17 with a Streamlight M3 weapon mounted light . I would prefer a drop leg holster as I find it hard to access a belt holster with my Tac vest on .
  7. Gildoom

    Photos New weapon

    Here it is, Remington Sendero SF II 7mm Rem Mag, with a Leupold Tactical Riflescope 8.5-25X50LRM1, obvious Harris Bi-pod. Leupold 30mm rings, Mounting Solutions Plus 700 LA base. Thinking about getting it painted up, thanks to all of you for the help in not buying something stupid for me...
  8. F

    Suppressors CCW Weapon

    Im looking to get a small ccw pistol. Already have a Keltec P3AT, nice pocket gun. But I need something with some balls. Have owned a G26, great weapon. Indestructible!!! But Im looking for something little bit smaller in physical size, and still have some punch. Im open to 9mm,40S&W, and 45ACP...
  9. A

    Stolen Weapon Database

    Just ran across this website. Thought it might be of use to some of you that buy excessive amounts of weapons. You put in the serial number and it will tell you if its in the stolen firearms registry. http://www.hotgunz.com/