1. B

    Rifle Scopes can be trusted?

    I found a website that sells scopes at like 25% off current market value please check it out and then reply and tell me if you would trust them with your money
  2. L

    Lawton Website

    Our current site will be down for a few days while we get our new one in place. We will announce the launch of the new site very soon! Thanks for your patience.
  3. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes Falcon website?

    What's the deal with Falcon's website? Any ideas on when it'll be back up?
  4. A10XRIFLE

    New GAP website launches!!!!! Guys im really exited to let you know the new and long awaited web-site for G.A. Precision launched on 6-4-09 at 1200 noon CST. It really looks nice and will help out alot due to the massive ammount of information available on the site...
  5. S

    LTRDavids website...

    I just tried to go to it and it says the domain has expired. I referanced his site alot...really good info there. Does anybody know where he went?
  6. B

    Remingtons website?

    I just went looking for what they make in youth guns. The website has less information on it than I can get at walmart. I hope there is something I am missing in trying to use the site. Anyone else have the same problem?
  7. D

    New website for Dimensions by Holmes Inc.

    Here is a new site for Dimensions. or Still a work in progress, more pics to come. Thanks Jeromy Dimensions By Holmes Inc.
  8. D

    New Website for Dimensions

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a website up now. It is still a work in progress with tones more pics to come. You can find it at or Thanks Jeromy Dimensions By Holmes Inc.
  9. JLM

    Sinclairs NEW Website is UP!

    You know the drill:
  10. fpdsniper

    Rifle Scopes Lots more scopes added to website!

    I've been down with Bronchitis for a few days, so I used my "down time" to add lots more Bushnell and Nikon scopes to my website. Here's a link to the optics page: Donnie
  11. ranger1183

    Jense Precision updated website

    Jense Precision just updated their website. Their rifles are amazing, I personally own one and will have my next rifle built by Jense as well. Extremely accurate and lightweight.
  12. Sgt. 0811

    Best website for load data?

    Hey fellas, I just got back into reloading after a long time. What are some good and reputable sites for load data and good loading data? Thanks
  13. S

    Bartlien barrel website???

    I've been trying to find a website for Bartliens barrels with no success. Anyone know what it is? scout1